Earthworks SV33 Studio Bundle

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Earthworks SV33
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Earthworks SV33 Studio Bundle

The Earthworks SV33 Studio Bundle features a Earthworks SV33 Microphone, a Earthworks 1021 Microphone Preamp and a Mogami Gold Cable. What else do you need for exceptional vocal recordings!

The Earthworks SV33 Microphone provides the amazing detail and jaw-dropping realism that is a signature or Earthworks, and combines that with a warm and musical character - that is meticulously tailored for the human voice. The Earthworks 1021 Microphone Preamp is a single channel mic preamp, based on the philosophy of sonic excellence in electronics. Housed in a half-rack 1U, its extended frequency response and faster, cleaner time domain performance yields more life-like results.

Earthworks SV33 Studio Bundle Includes

  • Earthworks SV33 Microphone
  • Earthworks 1021 Microphone Preamp
  • Mogami gold cable

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