Ear Trumpet Labs Delphina Microphone

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Ear Trumpet Labs Delphina
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Ear Trumpet Labs Delphina Microphone

The Ear Trumpet Labs Delphina Microphone sounds just like Myrtle, looks like Edwina, but with a snappy brass bracket to set it apart!

For a number of years people have requested a lower-profile ensemble mic. They wanted the sonic characteristics of the most popular ensemble mic, Myrtle (full low-end response, flexibility for multiple players), with the portability and sleekness of our signature Edwina. Ear Trumpet Labs has been building this hybrid model as a custom special order for a number of years and decided to introduce it to the standard line of microphones. A large-diaphragm condenser microphone with distinctive but not domineering looks. Delphina takes the warm, detailed sound and astonishing feedback rejection of our standard Edwina, and adds a low-end tuned for accurately capturing acoustic instruments from any distance, just like the popular Myrtle.

Ear Trumpet Labs Delphina Microphone Features

  • Hand-made microphone with unique appearance
  • Side or end address, using pivoting brass bracket
  • Capsule and electronics tuned for close to medium distance use on the most difficult stages with excellent feedback rejection
  • Internal shock dampers for minimal handling noise
  • Integral silk and mesh pop filter, for effective control of plosives without loss of clarity
  • Transformerless FET fully balanced electronics
  • Highest quality hand-wired electronic components - film caps, precision resistors, hand tested and matched transistors, with component values tuned for the individual circuit.

Ear Trumpet Labs Delphina Microphone Specifications

  • TRANSDUCER TYPE: condenser, large (26 mm) diaphragm
  • POLAR PATTERN: cardioid
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20 - 15K hz (-3dB)
  • SENSITIVITY: -38.9dB (11 mV/Pa)
  • NOISE LEVEL (A-weighted):
  • POWER REQUIREMENT: +48V phantom power
  • WEIGHT: 1 lb (4 lbs cased)
  • DIMENSIONS: 8 3/4” x 4” x 1 3/4”; head is 3” in diameter

Ear Trumpet Labs Delphina Microphone Includes

  • Delphina Microphone
  • Mic Clip
  • Metal Case

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