DPA d:Vote VO4099 Rock Touring Kit (10 Piece)

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Product Code: 9999-15570
DPA VO4099
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DPA d:Vote VO4099 Rock Touring Kit (10 Piece)

DPA d:Vote VO4099 Rock Touring Kit (10 Piece)

DPA d:Vote VO4099 Rock Touring Kit (10 Piece) Details

The VO10-Rock d:vote 4099 Rock Touring Kit, 10 Mics and accessories for Hi SPL situations. Ready for on-the-road-use for rental companies, musicians or theaters, the DPA d:Vote VO4099 Rock Touring Kit (10 Piece) offers a wide selection of microphones and accessories selected for typical use. The close microphone placement to high level sources like drums and brass instruments requires microphones with low sensitivity in order not to clip the following input stages.

A detachable heavy-duty cable from gooseneck to the XLR adapter makes it convenient to mount the mic on an instrument before connecting it. The extremely strong 2.2 mm cable is perfect for daily life in PA/Live gigs. In case of cable break, service is easy and fast. The low profile and unobtrusive design provides visual elegance along with uncompromised sound quality and accurate dynamics for the vast majority of instruments.

The unique and flexible clip-on system provides fast, stable and repeatable positioning. The mics can be easily positioned at different angles via the flexible gooseneck to fit different drums and allow a variety of sound nuances. The d:vote 4099 Touring Kits include a 3-pin XLR phantom power adapter with belt clip.

The DC4099 Clip for Drums unveils a revolutionary new "?90 degree" system which provides many more mounting options. Detaching the clip from the gooseneck and re-mounting it turned 90 degrees double the number of mic positions. Standard gooseneck length is 140 mm (5.5 in), which can be altered with the optional gooseneck extension unit, adding another 50% to the length, helping to achieve exactly the sweet spot for the instrument.

A wide range of connection adapters makes it possible to use DPA miniature microphones with all professional UHF, VHF or digital wireless system available plus 48 V Phantom.

DPA d:Vote VO4099 Rock Touring Kit (10 Piece) Features

  • Excellent frequency and phase response
  • Capable of handling extremely high SPLs
  • Compact, discreet size
  • Versatility in mounting options
  • Detachable cable and versatile gooseneck extender

DPA d:Vote VO4099 Rock Touring Kit (10 Piece) Includes

  • 10 x d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphones
  • 10 x Microdot adapters
  • 10 x Miniature Microphone Cables
  • 7 x Clips for Drum
  • 5 x Clips for Sax/Trumpet
  • 4 x Universal Clips
  • 2 x Clips for Guitar
  • 2 x Clips for Violin
  • 2 x Clips for Piano
  • 1 x Clips for Bass
  • 2 x Clips for Cello
  • 1 x Peli Case

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