DACS MicAmp II Microphone Preamp


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The DACS MicAmp II Microphone Preamp produces an extraordinarily clear, uncoloured, detailed and complete sound for recording everything from voice and acoustic instruments to overheads on drums, with bomb proof input stage and optional in line pad. Users universally describe it as one of the finest microphone amplifiers in the world.

The DACS MicAmp is a very high performance unit. At this level every effort must be made to avoid compromising the quality of the signal path. DACS examined every aspect of the process, from the power supply to wiring to external connectors. Probably the changing of any one factor would make no noticeable or measurable difference, but cumulatively, the attention to detail is worthwhile, particularly in long-term performance and reliability. Below are some notes regarding the technical aspects of the MicAmp, which makes this unit one of the best Microphone Amplifiers available.

DACS MicAmp II Microphone Preamp Features

  • 2 channel discrete-component-based microphone amplifier
  • Ultra-low noise, ultra-low distortion circuitry
  • Unmatched sonic realism: entirely true to the original source
  • Switched gain settings from +20dB to +62dB (plenty to use with low-output ribbon mics) in 6dB steps, with a 0dB to +10dB trim control
  • Both a Phantom Powered input and an input that bypasses the input capacitors and is coupled directly to the gain stage, for ribbon, valve and dynamic mics
  • Flat frequency response from below 20Hz to above 48kHz
  • Three-segment LED display with PPM ballistics and a bright overload LED for clear metering

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    As Good as Your Source
    Mr Me

    "hyper accurate" is a common term used for this and it's a good one. You can go to other pro reviews for the details but I have very high praise for this preamp. It does not polish the signal but it will not make the signal any worse than it was before it came in. It has gobs of clean low noise gain for any kind of mic including ribbons, and sitting between colored mics and a colored compressor it can be a great studio tool for various types of music if you want to experiment. The layout is clean, simple, and well done; and I like the seperate inputs for phantom and non-phantom mics. It's a no BS tool that records what you put into it.

What We Think


Looking for clarity? Look no further. This is an AMAZINGLY clean piece, tons of gain, and sounds good on lots and lots of stuff. When you need absolute transparent audio for the finest of sources the DACS Clarity Mic Amp delivers it above anything else we've used!

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