DACS MCC1 Monitor Control Central


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The DACS MCC1 Monitor Control Central provides unmatched audio purity, super-intuitive control and easy workflow, it is the visually striking answer to controlling the signal flow in the studio.

The DACS MCC1 Monitor Control Central has all the usual features: multiple inputs, multiple speaker outputs, a relay switched volume control, dim, mute, mono, headphone, metering and talkback with controls housed in a Desk Top Control Unit, and a separate Audio Rack (everything on XLR, not D25 connectors). Aside from its exemplary audio performance, the unusual and outstanding feature of MCC is the Cue Section that simplifies recording workflow by very quickly giving artists what they need to hear.

The unit has four stereo ‘Cue’ inputs that are routed to the artists’ outputs via Monitor Control Central On the Desk Top Unit, four pots control the Cues’ output volume. A toggle switch on each Cue allows the engineer to route either the Cue input or the main stereo mix to that Cue output. There is a rotary switch allowing any one of the four Cue signals to be routed to the control speakers. Talkback goes to the CUE outs and automatically dims the CUE input.

The Desk Top Unit talks to the Audio Rack via a 5m umbilical cable. Aux 1 and 2 on the Desk Top Unit give you inputs for MP3 players, and the like, from the mix position each with twin phono and 3.5mm stereo jack connectors. The headphone out is on .25” and 3.5mm jack.

Dr. Douglas Doherty, Managing Director of DACS, said “This product I the end point of our years of developing the very best analog studio tools available. I believe people will hear new depth and detail in their music, and have really happy artists in their live rooms with Monitor Control Central as their studio hub.”

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