DACS Headmaster II Monitor Controller

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DACS Headmaster II
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DACS Headmaster II Monitor Controller

The DACS Headmaster II Monitor Controller is an inspired combination of elements, and each of its component parts has a stellar pedigree. It marries the Crookwood DAC – used in the very best mastering studios – with DACS’ own award winning analogue clarity and detail.

A professional studio monitor controller is not simply an over-grown volume control. In addition to regulating overall monitoring levels a controller must also provide swift and seamless switching between various signal inputs and between a choice of monitoring outputs. However, a monitor controller is not just the control center of the studio monitoring set-up, it is also the quality centre; any compromise will inevitably affect everything that follows.

Accurate monitoring is not a studio luxury, it is a professional necessity. And just plugging the DACS Clarity Headmaster into your powered speakers will immediately bring a world-class upgrade to your audio environment.

The unit has four inputs: AES/EBU, SP/DIF, balanced analogue and unbalanced analogue. The analogue inputs use THAT InGenius balanced input ICs providing 90dB CMRR, DC coupling and THD+N figures of around 0.0015% input to output. Inputs are selected using the stainless steel front panel switches with LED indicators. Headmaster's outputs include two headphone outputs (one on the front panel and one on the rear) and two selectable monitor outputs. The headphone and monitor outputs have independent volume control and are fitted with conductive plastic pots.

The rear panel features a fixed level balanced analogue output from the D-A input, with digital FSD set to provide and output of +18dBu. The headphone output uses DACS' renowned Clarity headphone driver circuit. The balanced outputs are DACS' high performance driver circuits. The Crookwood D-A uses a technique that makes it impervious to jitter on the incoming signal and provides unobtrusive anti-aliasing filtering. The result is a clean accurate audio output, unaffected by jitter or other digital anomalies. It simply does not get any better than this.

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