Chandler Limited TG2 Package

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Chandler Limited TG2
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Chandler Limited TG2 Package

Chandler Limited TG2 Package

Chandler Limited TG2 Package Details

The Chandler Limited TG2 Package, is an FEA bundle, we designed to conveniently provide everything you need for four channels of Chandler Limited TG2 Microphone Preamp (perfect for drums!). The PSU-1 is designed to power two Chandler units, simplifying the set up.

Chandler Limited TG2 Stereo Package Includes:

  • Two Chandler Limited TG2 Microphone Preamps
  • One Chandler Limited PSU-1 Power Supply
  • Two 4-pin XLR power connection cables

Chandler Limited TG2 Microphone Preamp Details

The Chandler Limited TG2 Microphone Preamp is a recreation of the rare EMI TG12428 pre amp used in EMI/Abbey Road recording and mastering consoles in the late 60s and early 70s. The sound was used on many famous recordings done at Abbey Road including The Beatles "Abbey Road" and Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon." The amplifiers were also used in many EMI circuits of the time. The Chandler Limited version was remade from original design notes and circuit board drawings provided by Abbey Road and EMI to ensure extreme authenticity! This pre features two channels of the same discrete transformer balanced amplifiers as the TG series limiter and offers a creamy, smooth tone with a surprisingly open, clear top end (Chandler dares to say it's nicer than Neve's). The sound, as explained by many users, has the Neve "warmth" and punch, but with a "nicer" expanded top end. In fact the unit does have a small rise in its top end frequency response and some warmth inducing distortion which contribute to its sound.

Chandler Limited TG2 Microphone Preamp Features

  • Direct In: This is an unbalanced high impedance input for guitar, bass, samples etc. The switch bypasses the mic transformer and feeds directly to the amplifier. The naturally high impedance of the amp causes no loading. The DI switch on the front panel can also be used as a mute switch when using the rear panel mic input.
  • Input Gain Control: Features a transformer balanced input with 5-75 db of gain.
  • Output Control: Functioning as a console fader, this control is placed after the gain stage and before the output stage. This allows for trimming of the input signal between the 5 db steps on the input switch, as well as allowing the user to run the input very hot (for extra coloration) without distorting the recorder. In most cases this will be left in the full position.
  • Phase reverse and 48 volt phantom power switches
  • Impedance Switch: This allows for switching the input from 1200 ohm to 300 ohm values to match any mic.
  • Summing Option (on back panel): The signal is mixed from both pre amps and is sent to the output of the second channel. You can now bypass your console using great sounding discrete circuits and maintain a minimal signal path.

Chandler Limited PSU-1 Power Supply Details

The Chandler Limited PSU-1 Power Supply is required for all Chandler Germanium, TG, and LTD units. The PSU-1 is a 1.5-amp supply and can power 2 Chandler units. The units connect with a 4-pin XLR cable. A connector cable is included with each Chandler Limited piece, but is also available separately here.

What We Think

"Wow! The Chandler Limited TG2 stereo microphone preamplifier is a flat-out, beastly tone machine. Plugging into this piece, you quickly hear the tone you've heard before in classics albums such as The Beatles' Abbey Road and many a Pink Floyd album; not just Dark Side Of The Moon, though that is the most cited as having been recorded through the TG series desks (*Most all of their albums prior to this and at-least the following album Wish You Were Here were recorded at EMI's Abbey Road Studios where the TG desks were developed and installed. The Wall was mixed in Studio One on a TG Desk). Anyway, historical tidbits aside, the sound is in this box, through and through. Drums (wow!), acoustic guitars, electric guitars, pianos, vocals and all will benefit from the rich and smooth character imparted by this faithful TG circuit. The wonderful thing here is that here in the time of digital, there are fewer more well-suited choices of preamplifier than the Chandler Limited TG offerings for helping to acquire a pleasing, familiar tonality for your recordings. If you've been hunting for a preamp that can make you excited to be in the studio again, the Chandler Limited TG2 or the TG Channel should be at the top of your list."

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