Chandler Limited TG-Channel Stereo Package

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Chandler Limited TG-Channel
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Chandler Limited TG-Channel Stereo Package

Chandler Limited TG-Channel Stereo Package

Chandler Limited TG-Channel Stereo Package Details

The Chandler Limited TG-Channel Stereo Package, is an FEA bundle, we designed to conveniently provide everything you need for two channels of Chandler TG-Channel Pres and EQs. The PSU-1 is designed to power two Chandler units, simplifying the set up.

Chandler Limited TG Channel Stereo Package Includes:

  • Two Chandler Limited TG Channel Microphone Preamp/EQs
  • One Chandler Limited PSU-1 Power Supply
  • Two 4-pin XLR power connection cables

Chandler Limited TG Channel MKII Preamp & EQ Details

The Chandler Limited Channel is a re-creation of several classic circuits - combining the TG2 pre amp section with an equalizer that was redesigned from a circuit used in the TG12410 Transfer Console, the mastering counterpart to the original "Beatles desks." Chandler Limited's version has been remade using original design information and circuit board drawings as provided by Abbey Road to ensure extreme authenticity!

The active portions of the unit use the same discrete amplifiers and transformers as in the TG1 Limiter and TG2 Preamp. The TG Channel's passive equalizer EQ is an all inductor design offering sweet high frequencies, large inductor based lows, and a very high "Q" mid cut section. Its sound is very comparable to Pultec and Lang program EQs. A simple description would be a TG Pultec with a TG pre amp thrown in.

Chandler Limited TG Channel MKII Preamp & EQ Features

  • Direct In: The DI bypasses the mic input transformer and plugs directly into the high impedance microphone circuitry.
  • Input Control: Combines a 600 ohm mic input and 10k line input which is selectable with the line switch. A 15-position switch attenuates both the mic and line and gives a large range of control for both normal and not so normal uses. Mic Gain ranges from -5dB to 65dB Line Gain ranges from -15dB to 55dB
  • Phase, mic/line, 48v, and EQ switching.
  • Output Control: Functioning as a console fader, this control is placed between the input and output stages. Allowing for trimming the input signal, as well as allowing the user to run the input very hot for extra color without distorting the recorder.
  • High Boost Control: A capacitor based high boost with 18dB of gain and a shelving characteristic. EQ points are 16k, 12k, 8.1k, and 6.8k.
  • Mid Boost Control: An inductor based mid frequency peak with 18dB of boost and a high Q switch to sharpen the curve. The Q also sharpens the more you boost. EQ points are 5.8k, 3.9k, 2.2k, 1.8k, and 1.2k.
  • Mid Cut Control: A mid frequency EQ with 20dB of cut and 6 positions set with a very sharp Q. All inductor based and specifically designed to fix problem areas. EQ points are 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, and 850hz.
  • Low Boost Control: The inductor based low boost has 20dB of gain, as well as both peaking and shelving characters. Like the mid boost, the Q of the peak sharpens the more you boost. EQ points are 50, 70, 100, and 200hz for the peak; 100 and 200hz on the shelf.
  • Low Cut Control: This switch has 5 positions and is relatively gentle. EQ points are 30, 60, 90, 150, and 300hz.

Chandler Limited PSU-1 Power Supply Details

The Chandler Limited PSU-1 Power Supply is required for all Chandler Germanium, TG, and LTD units. The PSU-1 is a 1.5-amp supply and can power 2 Chandler units. The units connect with a 4-pin XLR cable. A connector cable is included with each Chandler Limited piece, but is also available separately here.

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