Chandler Limited LTD-1 Stereo Package

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Product Code: FEA0126
Chandler Limited LTD-1
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Chandler Limited LTD-1 Stereo Package

Chandler Limited LTD-1 Stereo Package

Chandler Limited LTD-1 Stereo Package Details

The Chandler Limited LTD-1 Stereo Package, is an FEA bundle, we designed to conveniently provide everything you need for two channels of Chandler LTD-1 Pres and EQs. The PSU-1 is designed to power two Chandler units, simplifying the set up.

Chandler Limited LTD-1 Stereo Package Includes:

  • Two Chandler Limited LTD-1 Microphone Preamp/EQs
  • One Chandler Limited PSU-1 Power Supply
  • Two 4-pin XLR power connection cables

Chandler Limited LTD-1 Microphone Preamp/EQ Details

The Chandler Limited LTD-1 is a hand wired 10-series equalizer and pre amp that has been handmade using parts and build techniques from the original manufacture of the modules. Grounding, wiring techniques, original transformers, transistors, inductors, and much more attribute to the special sound of these units and have been painstakingly recreated in each LTD-1.

In addition to the classic 10-series sound we add all the modern functions you expect and expand the EQ section giving you much larger palate to choose from. Features include high impedance direct in, 48v switching, output fader, eq in/out, phase reverse, balanced mic in, balanced line in, over built power supply to ensure maximum headroom, and nine additional eq points.

Chandler Limited LTD-1 Microphone Preamp/EQ Features

  • 48 volt switching DI in/out: also acts as a mute for the mic in.
  • EQ in/out
  • Phase reverse
  • Filter: This is a high pass characteristic at 300hz, 160hz, 80hz, and 50hz. These are the same settings as vintage modules.
  • Low EQ: This is a low-end shelving characteristic with four selections - 220hz, 110hz, 60hz, 35hz. These are the same as found on classic 10-series.
  • Mid EQ: This is a mid-frequency peaking characteristic with ten selections. 270hz, 390hz, 560hz, 820hz, 1k2, 1k8, 2k7, 3k9, 5k6, 8k2 (classic 10-series had 360hz, 700hz, 1k6, 3k2, 4k8, 7k2).
  • High EQ: A high end shelving characteristic with five selections - 16k, 12k, 6k8, 4k7, 3k3 (classic 10-series had only 12k).
  • Mic/Line Input Sensitivity: -20 to 80db mic gain. -10 to +20db line.
  • Output: This functions as the fader on a mixing console. Use it to adjust between the 5db steps of the input or to run the input hot without distorting your recorder (for extra coloration).

Chandler Limited PSU-1 Power Supply Details

The Chandler Limited PSU-1 Power Supply is required for all Chandler Germanium, TG, and LTD units. The PSU-1 is a 1.5-amp supply and can power 2 Chandler units. The units connect with a 4-pin XLR cable. A connector cable is included with each Chandler Limited piece, but is also available separately here.

What We Think

"The Chandler Limited LTD-1 isn't your average 1073 "clone". In fact, it's kind of it's own unique beast by design, and not really able to be classified as a clone at all. Instead of just recreating the classic module for the 19" rack format, Wade Goeke adapted a hybrid of feature benefits from across the 10-series range - particularly when it comes to the equalizer. First point is that the Low Band is untouched as compared to the 1073 as is the case with the High Pass Filter - Seriously, why mess with an already great team. But things really get interesting when we move into the Mid Band. So, the 1073 starts sort of high for it's lowest frequency: 360Hz. It's a great place to dump when you're mic-ing a kick drum, but sometimes there are issues lower that need addressing where a shelving band alone is going to decimate the rest of the low-end. What to do? Basically, Wade took every-other frequency of the two mid-bands of the 1081, starting down at 270Hz, and incorporated them into a single Mid band. And by focusing on a single band, this also helps to control the cost of an already premium-priced unit as inductors and precision rotary switches and potentiometers are quite expensive. And once we get into the High shelf, 16kHz was added since the 1073 tops out at 12kHz. This is particularly handy when wanting to brighten towards the air frequencies without imposing collateral damage within the sibilance range, thus creating (or enhancing) problems in a vocal. That's smart, son. You'll also find the host of features that we're accustomed to seeing on adapted rack gear - output volume, a DI input (very nice locking jack, by the way!), and separate XLR inputs for mic and line - each feeding Carnhill (formerly St. Ives) input transformers. As someone who has worked inside of Neve modules, I can attest without a doubt that the construction techniques and quality of parts (and SOUND) present in the originals has been adhered to in the LTD series. And just taking a look through the list of folks who own and use the LTD-1... many of them own original Neve 1073, 1066, 1081 etc. modules. So, there is a reason why they choose to also use the Chandlers. Perhaps they're even better than the real thing? That is indeed a distinct possibility. But for us mere mortals, the LTD-1 is a life-changer for the studio. Drums, guitars, vocals, bass, room, strings, warming up synths... you name it, the LTD-1 makes everything sound immensely better."

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