Chameleon Labs 581 iMod 500-Series Microphone Preamp

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Chameleon Labs 581 iMod
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Chameleon Labs 581 iMod 500-Series Microphone Preamp

The Chameleon Labs 581 iMod 500-Series Microphone Preamp is the same great 581 Preamp with the addition of Carnhill input transformer and a front panel instrument input.

Like their original 581, Chameleon Labs’ 581 IMod 500 Series microphone preamp pulls its inspiration from some renowned British designs. But the 581 IMod ups the game with the addition of UK-made Carnhill transformers. And it still does it at a price every recording enthusiast can afford. So if you want the convenience of a 500 module and a the dead-on tone of those ‘70s recording consoles, you won’t find a higher-quality and more affordable way to get there than Chameleon Labs’ 581 IMod 500-series microphone preamp.

Classic design with Classic transformers
In the high-end audio industry, having the perfect transformers is everything. And sometimes only the originals will do. That’s why Chameleon Labs offers the astoundingly affordable 581 IMod 500-series microphone preamp with genuine, UK-made Carnhill transformers. It’s safe to say, the Chameleon Labs 581 IMod’s old-school British tone deserves a spot in any recording setup.

500-series convenience
500-series modules like the 581 IMod, cram a control room full of large, heavy outboard gear into a lunchbox-sized enclosure, perfect for home, mobile, and large studios. But perhaps their most valuable benefit is their ability to be mixed and matched with ease, perfectly sculpting your sound without compromise. No matter what EQs, compressors, or other gear you learn on, you’ll find the Chameleon Labs 581 IMod mic pre is up to the task.

Chameleon Labs 581 iMod 500-Series Microphone Preamp Features

  • A sonically accurate 500-series mic pre based on holy grails console preamps from the ‘70s
  • Sonically accurate reproductions of famous ‘70s-era consoles, complete with genuine, UK-made Carnhill transformers
  • Front-mounted hi-Z input is a convenient addition for plugging instruments in direct
  • A discrete Class AB circuit delivers the solid lows and incredible detail of much more expensive units
  • A 300 Ohms or 1.2K Ohms mic input selector gets the most from any microphone
  • API 500 series compatible card
  • Transformer balanced output
  • 48VDC phantom power selector
  • LED illuminated push buttons for visual confirmation
  • LED Metering (Power, Signal, +4dB, Peak)

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