Cascade Vin-Jet Ribbon Microphones


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The Cascade Vin-Jet Ribbon Microphones are a stereo pair of ribbon microphones designed to produce the most intimate, warm, and articulate sound. An excellent choice for stereo microphone setups, this stereo pack is an exceptional value that competes with ribbon microphones that cost many times over.

The Cascade Vin-Jet Ribbon Microphones combine two Vin-Jet mics and a stereo bar adapter to meet your stereo recording needs. The Cascade Vin-Jet features a 2 7/16” long ribbon of aluminum suspended in the field of a pair of Neodymium rare earth permanent magnets. When the ribbon is exposed to sound it vibrates within the magnetic field and a tiny current is induced in the ribbon. This current is amplified to produce sound. What makes ribbon microphones so incredibly sensitive and accurate is that the signal comes directly from the material that senses the sound; nothing is lost in translation. The result is the most intimate, warm, and articulate sound produced by the Cascade Vin-Jet Ribbon Microphones. Ribbon microphones are an excellent choice for recording guitar cabinets, drum overheads and vocals.

Neodymium rare earth permanent magnet is a new kind of magnetic material developed in the 1980s with excellent magnetic characteristics in terms of a high-energy product, high coercive force etc. It is the strongest and most powerful magnetic material up to now and regarded as "The King of Magnets".

Cascade Vin-Jet Ribbon Microphones Features

  • Ideal for stereo microphone setups
  • Smooth, natural extended low and high ends
  • Fast, accurate transient response
  • Wide, extended sweet spots
  • 135dB SPL capability

Cascade Vin-Jet Ribbon Microphones Specifications

  • Type: Ribbon (Velocity) Microphones
  • Ribbon Type & Dimensions: 99% Pure aluminum, 2.5 micron, 2 7/16" (L) X 3/16" (W)
  • Polar Pattern: Figure 8 Symmetrical design
  • Sensitivity: -54.8 dB (1.8 mV/Pa)
  • SPL Capability: 135dB
  • Connector: 3-Pin Male XLR
  • Size (per mic): 2 1/8" (O.D. grill), 2" (O.D. body) Overall length 8 3/8"

Cascade Vin-Jet Ribbon Microphones Applications

  • Vocal
  • Electric & Acoustic Guitars
  • Drum Overheads
  • Horns
  • Strings
  • Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro

Cascade Vin-Jet Ribbon Microphones Includes

  • 2 x Cascade Vin-Jet Long Ribbon Microphones
  • 2 x Premium Shockmounts
  • Stereo Blumlein Bar
  • Aluminum Flight Case

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