CAD e300S Multi-Pattern Microphone


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The CAD e300S Multi-Pattern Microphone is designed to offer transparent, airy upper and mids, coupled with a rich, silky smooth low end and an enormous up-front presence. Featuring 1.1-inch gold-vapor deposited multi-pattern dual diaphragm capsule, the e300S delivers an exceptional accuracy and sonic performance.

The CAD e300S Multi-Pattern Microphone is one of the CAD's finest vocal microphones. It offers unparalleled performance from critical studio tracking scenarios to live sound reinforcement. The 1.1" gold-vapor deposited externally biased multi-pattern (cardioid, omni, figure-of-eight) dual diaphragm condenser capsule is hand dampened for consistent frequency response. A regulated bypass voltage generator for precise output sensitivity, sophisticated laser trimmed op-amp circuitry for increased management of fast transients and open capsule architecture design make the CAD E300S a classic vocal studio microphone. Features include an on/off switch with auto power shut-off feature, hi-pass filter and 20dB pad.

CAD e300S Multi-Pattern Microphone Features

  • 1.1" Gold-vapor deposited multi-pattern dual diaphragm capsule for exceptional accuracy and sonic performance
  • Hand dampened capsule for consistent frequency response
  • Sophisticated laser trimmed op-amp circuitry for enhanced management of fast transients
  • Dual stage filter for unmatched ballistic stability and plosives control
  • Hi-pass filter and 20dB pad

CAD e300S Multi-Pattern Microphone Specifications

  • Operating Principle: Externally-Biased Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid, Figure-of-Eight, Omnidirectional
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz -18KHz
  • Sensitivity: -34dBV (20mV) @ 1 Pa
  • Impedance: 220 Ohms
  • Max SPL: 145dB (pad engaged)
  • Self Noise: 12dBA
  • High-Pass: 135Hz, 6dB/oct
  • Attenuator: 20dB
  • Power Requirements: P48, 8mA
  • Weight: 2.3lbs (1.0kg)
  • RoHS: Compliant

CAD e300S Multi-Pattern Microphone Includes

  • CAD e300S Microphone
  • Shock Mount
  • Carrying Case
  • 2 Years Warranty

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  • 5
    Superb Sound
    David Beneke

    Why CAD fly's under the radar is a mystery to me. The e3002, which I received yesterday, is stellar. The sound across the spectrum is velvety and they have eliminated the high frequency stridency, apparent in much higher priced condensers, without restricting its airiness and pluck. The mic is so quiet, it almost sounded as if the noise reduction was already engaged. If one is biased because a mic is made in China, and the price is low, you are really missing out. This is a precision instrument, that should cost at least 4 times more than it does.

  • 4
    Another great mic from CAD
    Ryan Frith

    This mic really has a nice character. It adds some sizzle to vocals and really brings out the sound of an acoustic guitar. It has about every conceivable setting and is worth every penny.

  • 5
    A truly rare value
     Lee Rothman

    I had one of these back in the early 90's when they first came out. I also had some rather nice analog equipment with which this mic shined. I was always stunned at it's transparency and lack of self noise. On vocals this is one tough mic to beat regardless of what price range you are talking about. It delivers in spades. Rich, sweet and all those wonderful words you can say about a mic. Honestly if the mic sold for a grand it would be hard pressed to argue it's value than. Considering it is less than 1/3 of that it's hard to pass on. The company has excellent customer service as well. I consulted with their techs prior to buying and they were super guys. Very informative and obviously liked their product and knew what they were talking about. Highly recommended.