CAD E100S Microphones (Stereo Pair)

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CAD E100S Microphones

The CAD E100S Microphones Stereo Pair brings you two full featured CAD E100S Microphones with all accessories at even more great savings. This stereo pair offers you a great way to improve your stereo recordings and flexibility at a great low cost.

The CAD E100S Microphones Stereo Pair combines two CAD E100S Microphones to meet you stereo micing needs. The CAD E100S Microphone is engineered and built in the USA. It features the bootstrapped, full differential Quadra-FET front end that delivers high sensitivity and low distortion, plus the CAD’s proprietary circuitry that ensures the highest performance.

The nickel plated 1 inch capsule delivers accurate phasing on instruments, and a full rich vocal tone, accentuated by the extended low frequency response. Features include an 80Hz hi-pass filter and a 10dB pad.

From vocals to percussion, acoustic instruments and everything in between, the CAD Equitek E100S will prove to be one of the most versatile tools in your microphone locker, in the studio or on stage. 48V Phantom power is required.

CAD E100S Microphones Features

  • Stereo Pair of Large diaphragm supercardioid condenser microphone
  • Offers the lowest noise floor in its class
  • Delivers a smooth, vintage tone and robust low end
  • Bootstrapped, full differential Quadra-FET front end
  • CAD’s proprietary circuitry that ensures the highest performance
  • 80Hz Hi-pass filter and a 10dB Pad

CAD E100S Microphones Specifications

  • Operating Principle: Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Supercardioid
  • Frequency Response: <40Hz - 18KHz
  • Sensitivity: -30dBV (28mV) @ 1Pa
  • Impedance: 150 ohms
  • Max SPL: 150dB (Pad engaged)
  • Self Noise: 3.7dBA (best in class)
  • Hi-Pass: 80Hz
  • Attenuator: 10dB
  • Power Requirements: P48
  • Net Weight (Per Mic): 22oz (610g)

CAD E100S Microphones Applications

  • Studio Vocals
  • Choirs
  • Acoustic Instruments
  • Guitar Cabinets
  • Bass Cabinets
  • Strings
  • Pianos
  • Cymbals/Overheads

CAD E100S Microphones Includes

  • Stereo Pair of CAD E100S Microphone
  • 2 x Stealth Shock Mount
  • 2 x Vintage Wood Grain Cherry Case
  • 5 Years Warranty

CAD E100S Microphones Downloads

What We Think

The CAD E100S is a truly fantastic multi-purpose microphone. Put one up when you don't have time to fiddle and putz around trying out a ton of different mics and you should get a sound that is at the very least better than just usable. The nice and smooth, yet lifted top-end adds a refined clarity to the recorded sound. So, you're not going to need to add highs with an EQ, but you're also not going to have to take them away since there is nothing harsh or overbearing with this mic. The super-cardioid pattern helps to reject potentially unwanted room noise and keeps the mic on point. It's a winner for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, percussion, bass cabinets, and pretty much whatever you can throw at it - it wins. CAD has produced yet another fantastic microphone!

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