Blue Microphones Spark Digital Microphone

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Blue Microphones Spark
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Blue Microphones Spark Digital Microphone

The Blue Microphones Spark Digital Microphone is the first studio mic for your iPad, iPhone and laptop. Featuring a hand-tuned cardioid condenser capsule, the Spark Digital is perfect for vocals, podcasts, guitars, pianos, brass, woodwinds, drums, and just about anything else that you can throw onto the fire.

The Blue Microphones Spark Digital Microphone features handy onboard headphone output and volume control—making it a complete rig for on-the-go recording. And with Focus Control, the Blue Microphones Spark Digital Microphone gives you the sound of two different mics at the push of a button.

Your Pad or Mine?

Get your hands on the only studio microphone that lets you record truly amazing tracks anywhere your music leads you. With USB and iOS connectivity, the Blue Microphones Spark Digital Microphone effortlessly integrates with Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad so you can record wherever you are. It’s one small step for Blue, and one giant leap for mic-kind.

If You Wanna Get Technical…

The Blue Microphones Spark Digital’s analog electronics are Class A and fully discrete with a transformerless output. Simply put, this means that the sound which arrives at the diaphragm (mic capsule) is converted to electrical energy (transduced) is then amplified as accurately as possible, with minimal coloration and absolutely no integrated circuits (also known as “IC’s”) in the signal path. Integrated circuits, by the way, are smaller and inexpensive versions of large ‘discrete’ components that talk a big game but really don’t perform quite as well.

The engineers at Blue take your sound seriously, so they designed Blue Microphones Spark Digital’s signal path exclusively with those high quality discrete analog components. This analog signal is then passed off to the microphone’s digital conversion circuitry, which converts the analog signal to digital data that can be understood by computers or iPads/iPhones. This allows complete control of the sound quality and conversion process before entering your computer. The individual differences may be subtle, but when added up it’s a difference you can appreciate. As a result, Blue thinks you’ll find their Spark Digital’s overall sonic character is superbly detailed and pleasing to the ear, a microphone with truly professional sound.

Get The Sound and Flexibility of Two Mics in One

Why settle for one mic when you can have two with Blue Microphones Spark Digital? Focus Control changes the capsule voltage and completely alters the sonic character of the mic—giving you the sound of two mics in one. Normal mode heightens low-frequency sensitivity for robust, defined bottom end, while Focused mode accentuates mids and highs for ultra clear, detailed recordings. Switch between them to suit the vibe of your recording and create intricately layered tracks.

Focus on Your Performance

The Blue Microphones Spark Digital comes packed with convenient workflow features that keep your mind on the tunes, not the tech. Completely eliminate distracting delays with zero latency monitoring. Adjust and monitor recording levels—such as input gain, headphone volume, and instant mute—with an all-in-one control and multi-colored LED meter.

Everything You Need

The Blue Microphones Spark Digital turns your iOS device into a true mobile recording studio. Set up in seconds with the included adjustable desk stand. Prevent unwanted bumps vibrations, and other noises with the built-in shockmount. Accurately record and playback tracks in real-time. The Blue Microphones Spark Digital even includes y-cables for easy connection to any device. See, Blue told you it’s everything you need.

Use Popular Audio Recording Apps

When it comes to recording apps and software, Blue doesn’t play favorites. The Blue Microphones Spark Digital fully integrates with the industry’s finest audio recording apps and software, including GarageBand, Cubasis and Auria. And with the included USB and lightning connections, you’re ready to plug-and-play on any iOS device, mac or PC—no drivers required.

Blue Microphones Spark Digital Microphone Features

  • Blue's legendary studio condenser capsule and electronic components
  • Plug 'n play for iPad, Mac and PC – no drivers needed
  • Works with GarageBand™ and other recording applications
  • Focus Control switch offers two sonic signatures in one mic
  • Headphone jack for zero-latency real-time monitoring
  • Onboard control for volume, gain and instant mute
  • LED meter provides visual feedback

Blue Microphones Spark Digital Microphone Specifications

  • Microphone:
    • Interface: Apple Lightning + USB 2.0+
    • Frequency Response: 26Hz–20 kHz
    • Sensitivity: 28 mV/Pa
    • SPL Handling Range: 65 - 128dBA
    • S/N Ratio: 84dB
    • Noise Level: 310 dB (A-weighted)
    • Transducer: Condenser
    • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
    • Power Required/Consumption: 3.3v
    • Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
    • Bit Rate: 16bit
    • Adjustable Gain Range: 32dB
    • Mic Weight: 1.25 lbs.
    • Mic Dimensions: Length – 7.76 in; Diameter – 1.77 in
  • System Requirements:
    • Windows:
      • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP Home Edition or XP Professional
      • USB 2.0+
      • 64 MB RAM (minimum)
    • Macintosh:
      • Mac OSX (10.4.11 or higher)
      • USB 2.0+
      • 64 MB RAM (minimum)
  • iOS Compatibility:
    • Lightning Version:
      • iPhone 5
      • iPhone 5S
      • iPhone 5C
      • all iPad minis
      • iPad (4th gen)
      • iPad Air
      • iPod Touch (5th gen)

Blue Microphones Spark Digital Microphone Includes

  • Spark Digital Microphone
  • Custom Integrated Shockmount
  • Microphone Stand
  • Soft-Suede Carry Pouch with Cable Storage
  • USB and Lightning Connectors
  • 2 Year Warranty

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