Blue Microphones Quad Microphone Cable

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Blue Microphones Quad
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Blue Microphones Quad Microphone Cable

The Blue Microphones Quad Microphone Cable is designed to achieve the highest quality recording when tonal quality is the utmost importance. This quad-conductor cable delivers maximum frequency resolution with well-defined low and high-frequency response.

The Blue Microphones Quad Microphone Cable is the ultimate in quad mic cable design utilizing Blue Microphones's hand-picked virgin proprietary materials. With four 22Awg twisted pair conductors and a 95% tinned copper braided shield, the 200 foot long Blue Microphones Quad Microphone Cable offers the highest quality recording without any electromagnetic interference and microphonic pick-up.

Blue Microphones Quad Microphone Cable Features

  • Hand-picked virgin proprietary materials
  • Four 22Awg twisted pair conductors
  • 95% tinned copper braided shield
  • Eliminates any electromagnetic interference and microphonic pick-up

Blue Microphones Quad Microphone Cable Specifications

  • Type: Balanced
  • Shielding: 95% tinned copper braided
  • Conductors: 4 x 22Awg twisted pair
  • Connector: Male XLR to Female XLR
  • Length: 20 Foot

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  • 5
    Excellent High Quality Cable

    Posted by Jude Tsang on Sep 27th 2016

    I tried them on my handheld microphones. The best match is the RODE S1. Shure KSM-9 and Neumann KMS 105 do not match.

    I have not tried them on my studio microphones yet. So no comment.

  • 5
    Love the color!

    Posted by Eric Killinger on Nov 12th 2012

    I ordered this cable to go with the B-Stock Blue Microphones Woodpecker Active Ribbon mic. Works like a charm, and it's "Kiwi" green color makes it easy to see—even in a darkened home studio.

    In another vein, if someone gifts me with a Robbie the Mic Pre on December 25th, I'll have a Blue, Blue Christmas for sure.

  • 5
    A Curly Situation, NOT

    Posted by Nick K. on Feb 3rd 2012

    When I received these two as a free addition to my purchase of a Rode NT4 Stereo Mic, I thought... "they're so tightly wound in the blister pack it'll take forever to take the curl out". Much to my surprise, these super flexible cables laid out flat immediately (no "pig-tails" to worry about!!). Of course, the audio quality is terrific, too, so I'll be buying more of these as I gradually replace my extensive collection of XLR cables. Thank you FEA for alerting me to these fine beasts (by including them as a free "gift" with my purchase).

  • 4
    Good cable. But it's a cable.

    Posted by Milo Skinner on Nov 30th 2011

    I'd never pay full price for these. I worked back in the day as a pro audio tech and have spent hundreds of hours building custom cables for large installs. I think "better sound" from premium cables is hype. That said, I have two of these I got for free with the purchase of two FMR RNCs. Since I have them, I use them and like them. But if I were worried enough about build quality to pay this kind of money per cable, I'd just build them.

  • 4
    Blue Microphone Quad XLR 20 Ft. Cable

    Posted by Edward P on May 25th 2011

    I have bought 4 of these over the past 7 years and only had an issue with one cable. I was able to fix the issue with only one end coming loose. Many cables are going to have issues if you use it regularly for on location gigs, constantly tearing down and setting up from place to place over the years. Things wear out evetually, and these cables took a beating. The Blues have held up and got the job done. Cool looking cable that sounds great with gold XLR connectors.

  • 5
    Great value!

    Posted by Juan Carlos Zeta on Apr 15th 2011

    It is the 3rd Kiwi cable I got from frontendaudio, I ordered
    by 2009 a pair of FMR Pbc-6a and by 2010 a heil microphone, so I got for each item a free kiwi cable. First of all the quality is awesome and had no interference issues at all. I think they're very usable also because of the green color in a studio environement where usually cables are black. Great value!

  • 5
    Sounds fine to me

    Posted by Mitchell Sandifer on Apr 8th 2011

    I own cables of all flavors. From Mogami down to no-name freebies. I subscribe to the theory that, for the most part, wire is wire and the biggest difference in cables is durability. I do wonder how companies can tout that their cables can "enhance" certain frequencies or that their product is sonically superior. I've never heard a difference from brand new cables like Hosa, Horizon, Livewire etc., when they're running side by side w/ my expensive cables. But I digress....These Kiwi cables seem to be a fairly superior build quality and should last a while. I like the jacket for it's appearance and it's slick sort of feel and FEA has them for a great price.

  • 4
    Blue Kiwi Cable

    Posted by Glenn Israel on Feb 3rd 2011

    These are nice cables. The connectors fit securely and are durable. I don't know if I buy all the hype about one cable "sounding" better than another, but these sound fine to me.

  • 4
    Good Cables for the Price

    Posted by Simple Sweet Music on Dec 23rd 2010

    These mic cables are very east to work with. The connectors could be better. The cable and craftsmanship is grade A.