Black Lion Audio PG-1 Power Conditioner

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Black Lion Audio PG-1
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Black Lion Audio PG-1 Power Conditioner

The Black Lion Audio PG-1 Power Conditioner protects your treasured electronics with the strength and power of a lion!

Most would cringe at the thought of plugging their hard earned music gear into the wall outlet or an unprotected power strip if they knew the truth about “dirty power.” The wildly unpredictable nature of an untamed power source is quite the jungle. Danger lurks in the form of tone devouring high frequency line noise and device slaying power surges.

Black Lion Audio took a former industry standard design and using our expertise developed over the years by modifying recording gear, improved on it. Sound quality is always the top priority in a BLA design. We took extra care in the design of the power filtering circuitry in the PG-1. Premium Panasonic and Wima capacitors were chosen for their superior execution in eliminating high frequency noise that robs equipment of its peak performance. Combined with an outstanding power absorption rating of 2775 joules to protect against surges, the Black Lion Audio PG-1 truly is the king of the jungle.

The PG-1 is a confidence inspiring, rack-mountable power conditioner. It features a bank of eight switched, filtered and surge protected outlets on the back panel. Two filtered convenience outlets and a 3-pin XLR lamp connection adorn the front panel. A handy LED front panel display provides a constant read out of AC voltage from the power source, as well as, five LED lights to indicate if grounding, polarity, noise filtering, AC voltage and surge protection are all in good shape. The outlets are individually optimized for digital, analog, and high power devices as indicated on the back panel. A two-stage power up and power down system is also implemented in the PG-1. The outlets labeled “High Power” are time delayed and designed for your speakers or power amplifier to ensure they are last on and first off. This avoids the dreaded “pop” that can occur if speakers receive power at the same time as your interface for example.

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