Auralex Sunburst-360 Sound Absorber

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Auralex Sunburst-360
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Auralex Sunburst-360 Sound Absorber

The Auralex Sunburst-360 Sound Absorber is a stand-mounted, portable version of the Auralex Sunburst Broadband Absorber.

The Sunburst-360s are portable, lightweight and can be adjusted between 6′ and 8′ tall. They compliment a number of products including ProMAX, MAX-Wall, Stand-Mounted LENRDs and traditional Studiofoam absorption treatments.

Auralex portable treatment products are great for anyone who needs effective broadband absorption wherever sound control is desired, but where boundary-mounted treatments are not feasible. Offices, apartments, classrooms, mobile recording vehicles and more, all benefit from Auralex portable treatments. MAX-Wall Kits are expandable and can grow with your needs. With the MAX-Wall Gigbag, take these acoustical treatments on the road for portable-recording sessions. Add Stand-Mounted LENRD Bass Trap or Sunburst-360 for additional low-frequency control. ProMAX and DeskMAX are effective absorbers with a reflective side yielding variable acoustics. All Auralex portable treatments are lightweight, attractive and affordable.

Auralex Sunburst-360 Sound Absorber Features

  • Sunburst Profile
  • Designed For Low End Control
  • 3 Color Options (Charcoal, Burgundy & Purple)
  • Adjustable Height
  • Mounting Stands included

Auralex Sunburst-360 Sound Absorber Includes

  • (2) SunBurst 360
  • (2) Stands
  • (2) Round Base Stands

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