Auralex Room Analysis Plus Kit

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Auralex Room Analysis Plus Kit
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Auralex Room Analysis Plus Kit

Auralex Room Analysis Plus Kit

Auralex Room Analysis Plus Kit Details

The Auralex Room Analysis Plus Kit puts all the tools you need to analyze your room's characteristics. This handy, easy-to-use kit allows you to complete the first step toward making your room live up to its potential. The Room Analysis Plus Kit includes a high-quality omnidirectional measurement microphone, a USB drive, and comprehensive, step-by-step instructions to let you record an effective sweep in your space. After you perform the sweep, just send it back to Auralex for analysis. It's easy to check out your room with the Room Analysis Plus Kit!

What's in the box
In the box you'll find an omnidirectional measurement microphone and a USB drive that includes frequency sweeps and step-by-step instructions on how to record this sweep in your room. This recorded sweep will be sent back to Auralex via e-mail for further analysis.

The first step to a customized acoustic solution
With the data obtained through this service, Auralex will be able to compare their acoustical models with hard data to verify acoustical theory with real-world testing. As a result, the acoustical treatment suggestions that are obtained from the Room Analysis Plus service will be tailored for your room.

Auralex Room Analysis Plus Kit Features

  • Omnidirectional measurement microphone
  • USB drive
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Record a room sweep and email the results to Auralex
  • Auralex will analyze the results and suggest specific acoustical solutions for your space

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