Auralex ProGO 26 Casters


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The Auralex ProGO 26 Casters are designed to be mounted to Auralex Stand-Mounted Absorber bases so that they can be easily moved around.

Auralex ProGo 26 Casters kit comes with two locking casters, two non-locking casters, and a set of 16 #10 3/4" wood screws. Auralex ProGo 26 Casters kit is designed for one base.

Auralex ProGO 26 Casters Features

  • Provide mobility to your Auralex Stand-Mounted Absorber base
  • Expand your ProGo array as your needs change

Auralex ProGO 26 Casters Specifications

  • Locking Casters: 2
  • Non-Locking Casters: 2
  • Wood Screws: (16) # 10 x ¾" wood screws
  • Tools: 2 Phillips screw driver (required in mounting the system)

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