Auralex LENRD Stand Mounted Kit

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Auralex Stand-Mounted LENRD
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Auralex LENRD Stand Mounted Kit

The Auralex LENRD Stand Mounted Kit is portable, effective and easy to use! Because the LENRD's are stand-mounted, there is no need for adhesive and no wall repair if you want to reconfigure your space or move.

A resonance bump in a room's frequency response is called a room node. Bass traps substantial enough to control nodes have always been expensive to buy or intricate and time-consuming to build - not anymore. Introducing the Auralex LENRD Stand Mounted Kit! Stand-Mounted LENRDs are 4′ tall instead of 2′ tall like standard LENRDs and come complete with MAX-Stands. Stand-Mounted LENRD's normally rest about 6′ high, but can be extended to 8′. They are the perfect complement to the Auralex ProMAX V2 and MAX-Wall Systems.

Auralex LENRD Stand Mounted Kit Include

  • (4) Stand-Mounted LENRDs
  • (4) Stands
  • (4) Round Bases (pictures shows tripod stand for reference only)

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