Auralex ATOM-12 Bass Trap System

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Auralex ATOM-12
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Auralex ATOM-12 Bass Trap System

The Auralex ATOM-12 Bass Trap System gets you CornerFill Cubes and LENRD Bass Traps ready for the low end frequencies of your room!

The ATOM-12 System gives yout (4) 12″ CornerFill Cubes and (12) LENRD Bass Traps. Installation is a snap and what you end up with is bass trapping in each trihedral corner of your room. For years Auralex has been telling customers to install their LENRD Bass Traps this way using 12" CornerFill Cubes. Finally, after hundreds of times drawing this layout, explaining it to customers and explaining it to their own shipping department (!), they slapped their collective forehead and said, "Why don't we put LENRDs and 12" CornerFill Cubes into a handy kit form?"

Installed in the “usual” way, LENRDs are the most effective small bass traps on the market and have no equal. But when you install ’em like this, using our 12″ CornerFill Cubes, you’re REALLY gonna have serious low frequency accuracy in your room.

Auralex ATOM-12 Bass Trap System Includes

  • (4) 12" CornerFill Cubes
  • (12) LENRDs

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