Audix BP7 Pro Band Pack Microphone Package

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Audix BP7
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Audix BP7 Pro Band Pack Microphone Package

Audix BP7 Pro Band Pack Microphone Package

Audix BP7 Pro Band Pack Microphone Package Details

The Audix BP7PRO Band Pack Microphone Package is a seven piece professional microphone pack which includes some of the most essential microphones that a venue or a band would need to provide coverage for mic-ing up a band.

To really capture the groove on a drum kit, the BP7 PRO kit includes an Audix D6 for kick drum and Audix i5 microphone for snare drum. These are great sounding industry standards for this task. The D6 and i5 have proven themselves for years to be perfect choices when mic-ing any drum kit.

Also, included are two more Audix i5 microphones. These versatile workhorses will work perfectly for guitar amps, toms, bass cabinets, horns, and other percussion instruments. Whatever the band throws at you, chances are the i5 will do the trick.

For vocals The BP7 PRO kit also sports a single world-class OM5 lead vocal dynamic microphone, as well as two great sounding OM2 dynamic vocal mics for backing vocals.

All together, the Audix BP7 PRO kit provides five essential mics for any band or stage performance.

Audix BP7 Pro Band Pack Microphone Package Features

  • 1 x Audix D6 (kick drum)
  • 3 x Audix i5 (snare drum, guitars and/or bass cabinet, various instruments)
  • 1 x OM5 (lead vocals)
  • 2 x OM2 (support vocals)
  • Includes all necessary mic clips
  • Includes robust, form fitted carrying case

What We Think - Audix BP7 Pro Band Pack Review

"The Audix BP7 Pro Kit, like the familiar Audix DP kits, is the easy way to get some of the best sounding microphone coverage on your stage. I personally own several Audix microphones and regularly use many others. I regularly get compliments from band members as well as from the audience regarding the sound. I really think the fact that I bring my Audix microphones to the gig makes a big difference in the results. Audix mics are almost synonymous with great drum sounds. The i5 and D6 are legendary and tough.

"You'll probably want to add some D2s and a D4 or two since the BP7 doesn't include these useful tom microphones - and the D4 works well on bass cabinets, too.

"And for Vocals, I've always had really good results with the OM5 and the OM2 microphones. The OM5 offers a supercardioid pattern where the OM2s are cardioid. So, for a lead vocalist who might be mobile on the stage, the supercardioid pattern is going to work really well. Plus the OM5 will have just a little bit of a presence boost, which helps to lift the lead vocal up in the mix. But the OM2s are great sounding microphones that I have always loved the sound of when a musician brought their own."

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