Aston Halo Reflection Filter

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Aston Halo
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Aston Halo Reflection Filter

The Aston Halo Reflection Filter is a huge leap forward in reflection filter technology in a market awash with differing versions of an ageing design. The lightweight material design, coupled with beautifully engineered ‘easy-mount’ hardware, means the Aston Halo is quick and easy to set up, stable on mic stands, and sounds and looks fantastic.

The Aston Halo’s unique design is much bigger. It wraps around top and bottom to a maximum rear depth of almost 100mm to improve room isolation and absorption without dominating the room sound. Its textured and wave-formed surface also helps diffuse direct sound.

The combination of radically improved performance in almost every area of currently available technology, while paying special attention to both the green credentials (100% recyclable and 84% recycled material) and to the creative element that the artist requires in their performance environment to get the best form every take, makes the Aston Halo Reflection Filter the very best possible solution for portable room acoustics available today.

Aston Halo Reflection Filter Features

  • Hi Tech construction with patented PET felt
  • Patented design, enhanced performance
  • Radically improved Isolation
  • Filtering top and bottom (not just horizontally)
  • Much bigger surface area and depth of acoustic treatment
  • More linear absorption and diffusion
  • Incredibly Lightweight Proprietary ‘easy-mount’ hardware

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