ART ProMix Mini Mixer

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ART ProMix Mini Mixer

The ART ProMix Mini Mixer is a compact, portable 3-channel mono microphone mixer with XLR I/O's, low cut filter and phantom power. Featuring a low cut filter to eliminate hum and rumble, the ProMix Mini is a clever, value-packed processing tool for live sound, stage, and studio applications.

The ART ProMix Mini Mixer is designed to provide an easy, cost effective solution for mixers and preamps with minimal microphone inputs. The ART ProMIX features 3 microphone inputs with 3-pin XLR female connectors. It is capable of supplying up to 18V phantom power to condenser microphones. It also features a single balanced, XLR male mic-level output and a 1/4" headphone output as an alternate line level output. With low frequency cut off, the hum and rumble are eliminated. Level adjustment controls are located on each channel.

Problem:? You need to add 3 mics to a mixer, which only has one available channel.

Solution:? Insert the ART ProMix between the mics and the mixer. Each mic channel on the ART ProMix has both phantom power and low-frequency cut selectable via DIP switches plus a level control. The balanced XLR line output can be connected to a mic input on the mixer and headphones or a powered monitor can be connected to the Phone/Aux output. And if AC power is not available, the ART ProMix runs on batteries as well.

ART ProMix Mini Mixer Features

  • 3 Low-impedance XLR mic channels
  • 3 Level controls
  • 3 Phantom power on/off DIP switches
  • 3 Low-frequency cut on/off DIP switches
  • A low-impedance balanced XLR line output
  • Stereo 1/4” Phones/Aux. output
  • Clip LED (fires 3dB below the onset of clipping)
  • On/off Power switch, with LED

ART ProMix Mini Mixer Specifications

  • Maximum Gain: +60dB
  • Input Impedance: 600 O
  • Maximum Input Level: -14dB
  • Maximum Output Level: +14dB
  • Output Impedance: 600 O
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.0002
  • Low Cut: -3dB @ 100Hz
  • Clip Headroom: 3dB
  • Output Phantom Power: 12V DC
  • Power: 12V DC (adapter) / 2x 9V (batteries)
  • Dimensions: 5.625 × 3.75 × 1.75 inches (143mm x 92mm x 45mm)
  • Weight: 1.5lb (680g)

ART ProMix Mini Mixer Includes

  • ART ProMix Mini Mixer
  • 12V DC Power Supply
  • 90 Day Warranty

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