API 529 500-Series Stereo Compressor

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API 529
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API 529 500-Series Stereo Compressor

The API 529 500-Series Stereo Compressor is carefully designed to deliver a wide range of compression options, the 529 delivers warmth, clarity and punch, whether used for subtle balancing, or crushing compression.

The API 529 500-Series Stereo Compressor is based on the unprecedented success of the 2500, the 529 takes many of the features and controls from API's famous stereo compressor and puts them into the first dual slot 500 series module from API. This stereo compressor features API's patented THRUST® circuitry for a punchy low end, along with an Old/New switch that lets you choose between classic and modern compression characteristics: Old for vintage-style feedback compression and New for today's more common feed-forward compression. The Auto-makeup Gain button lets you adjust ratio and threshold controls without affecting the output level. Using API's discrete op-amps and transformer technology, the 529 delivers the legendary analog sound of API.

API 529 500-Series Stereo Compressor Features

  • Continuously variable detented Gain, Threshold, Attack, Ratio and Release controls
  • 10 segment LED meters show Gain Reduction and selectable Input or Output Level
  • Over Threshold LED
  • Patented THRUST® Switch for frequency dependent side chain control
  • 3 selectable compressor curve Knee settings
  • Selectable New or Old switch for feed-forward or feed-back operation
  • Selectable variable or auto compressor make-up gain
  • Three way In/Out including full hard relay bypass
  • Audio circuit uses 2520 and 2510 Discrete Op Amps with transformer output

API 529 500-Series Stereo Compressor Specifications

  • THRESHold: The level at which compression begins (+10dB to -20dB)
  • Threshold LED: Indicates when the input audio crosses the selected THRESHold level
  • RATIO: The amount of compression applied after threshold (1.5:1 to ∞:1)
  • ATTACK: The time it takes for the compressor to respond (1 to 50 m/sec)
  • RELEASE: The time it takes the compressor to return to unity gain (.05 to 4 seconds)
  • METER: Selects OUTPUT or INPUT as the source for the stereo VU meter
  • VU (Stereo VU Meter): Stereo 10-segment LED VU meter (selectable OUTPUT or INPUT)
  • GR (Gain Reduction) Meter: 10-segment LED gain reduction meter
  • MAKE UP: Selects AUTOmatic or MANUAL MAKE UP gain
  • GAIN: Manual MAKE Up gain control (0dB to +24dB of output gain when MANUAL is engaged)
  • TYPE: NEW (feed-forward) or OLD (feedback) detection path topology
  • KNEE: The characteristic of the response curve at the onset of compression.
  • THRUST: Patented circuit that inserts a filter before the RMS detector
  • OUT: Toggles to swich gain reduction in or out or engages hard bypass

API 529 500-Series Stereo Compressor Includes

  • 529 500-Series Stereo Compressor
  • Manual
  • One year factory service and Five year parts Warranty

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