Apex 570 Headset Microphone

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Apex 570
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APEX 570 Headset Microphone

The APEX 570 Headset Microphone is a low profile headset condenser mic for high–energy vocalists (drummers, keyboard players, theatrical performers) requiring secure head-worn microphone for maximum mobility on stage.

The APEX 570 Headset Microphone is ideal for most live music applications. The APEX 570 Microphone capsule picks up with an omnidirectional polar pattern, reducing proximity effect (excessive artificial low frequency boost that occurs when the capsule is close to the source).

The APEX 570 condenser headset microphone package includes interchangeable TA3F, TA4F, Locking Four-pin and locking 1/8th" TRS connectors for direct compatibility with virtually any wireless beltpack, as well as a standard XLR phantom power adaptor to direct connect to any wired PA. Rugged headset design for secure fit ensures the APEX 570 stays put even during the most athletic performances.

APEX 570 Headset Microphone Features

  • Lightweight low-profile head-worn microphone
  • Extremely secure fit makes the APEX 570 ideal for active live performers
  • Detachable 1.5m (5ft) cable assemblies with interchangeable connectors ( TA3F, TA4F, locking four-pin and locking 18th-inch TRS jacks included)
  • Compatible with virtually all wireless beltpack transmitters
  • Standard mini-XLR to XLR adaptor for standard cabled operation
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern

APEX 570 Headset Microphone Specifications

  • Element: Back Electret Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz to 18,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: -60dB (+/- 3dB, 0dB = 1v/ubar@1kHz)
  • Impedance: 1500 ohms =/- 30% @ 1kHz
  • Operating Voltage: 1 - 10v DC
  • Weight: 8g (without Cable)

APEX 570 Headset Microphone Includes

  • APEX 570 Headset Microphone
  • APEX570-SHURE - Apex570 Black Cable w/ Shure TA4F Connector
  • APEX570-AT - Apex570 Black Cable w/ AT 8521 Connector
  • APEX570-AKG - Apex570 Black Cable w/ AKG TA3F Connector
  • APEX570-SENN - Apex570 Black Cable w/ Sennheiser 8523 Connector
  • APEX-PHANTOM - Apex570 mini-XLR to XLR Adaptor / Phantom Power Module
  • Owners Manual

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