Antelope R4S Remote Control

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Product Code: 9999-17145
Antelope R4S
Availability: Discontinued

Antelope R4S Remote Control

The Antelope R4S (Remote For Satori) is bus-powered, USB-operated remote control for Satori especially designed to completely replicate the front panel functionality of monitor controller.

It provides convenient setting of the various features of Satori. R4S allows for fast switching of the I/Os, stereo effects and summing option, as well as easy use of the built in talkback. The device has great ergonomics and a small footprint, fitting easily into often limited working desk.

Antelope R4S Remote Control Features

  • SUM Select button
    • The Sum Select button allows you to send your stereo sum to your selected monitor output.
    • Input Select buttons, channels 1-8
    • Input Select allows you to switch between your desired input source, which will be fed to your selected monitor output.
  • Talkback button
    • Press the Talkback button to activate the talkback microphone. This can be distributed to your selected headphones using the software control panel.
  • Monitor Select buttons 1-4
    • These allow you to be able to select between the four monitor outputs. Whatever source is selected will be fed to the selected monitor out.
  • Rotary control
    • Large stepped relay attenuator for main monitor output.
    • Turn left/right to change the level. To Mute, press and hold the Rotary control knob. Press and hold the knob again to unmute.
    • To access the Trim Offset feature, press and hold the desired ‘Monitor’ (1, 2, 3 or 4) / ‘Input’ (Ch1,2,3,4,5,6,7 or 8) button. Then, turn left/right the Rotary Control knob to trim (-6dB to +6dB in 1 dB steps). Double-click to set to 0 dB.
  • Mono Dim, M/S & Sub
    • Pressing the Mono button sets the currently selected monitor output to mono. This button corresponds to the last setting selected in the Mono effects dropdown menu in the Satori software control panel.
    • Press the Dim button to activate the -20dB attenuator. Press once more to restore normal volume.
    • When Mono is activated you also have the option to select M/S.
    • Pressing the M/S button selects either the sum or the difference between the left and the right channel. This supplies a stereo effect, which allows you to monitor just the center or just the periphery of the audio.
    • Pressing the Sub button activates the LFE output.
  • USB Connector: Type B.

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