Antares ATG-1 Floor Pedal

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Antares ATG-1
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Antares ATG-1 Floor Pedal

The Antares ATG-1 Floor Pedal allows you to instantly tune your guitar all the way up the neck, access your favorite alternate tunings, pop on a virtual capo, select among pre-set guitar models (including acoustic and 12-string), and enjoy perfect intonation with its Solid-Tune feature.

The Antares ATG-1 Floor Pedal is the perfect compliment to the electric guitar. With the Antares ATG-1 Floor Pedal, the push of a button allows you to instantly tune your guitar, the way you like it!

The easy to use Antares ATG-1 Floor Pedal also includes standard gain and tone functions, an LCD readout, and accepts MIDI control inputs. Guitars that feature Roland® standard 13-pin outputs can plug directly into the Antares ATG-1 Floor Pedal, while others require a hex pickup like the Roland GK-3 or equivalent. Perfect for saving time in the studio and rugged enough to handle the road, the Antares ATG-1 Floor Pedal is the perfect device for harnessing your creative energy.

Antares ATG-1 Floor Pedal Features

  • String-Tune: Utilizing Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to correct the pitch of each guitar string, String-Tune makes your guitar come through an amplifier perfectly in tune.
  • Solid-Tune®: Constantly monitors the precise pitch of each individual string and makes any corrections necessary to put that note in tune, while still allowing bends and vibratos.
  • Alternate Tunings & Doublings: The Antares ATG-1 Floor Pedal features alternate tunings, including DADGAD, Drop D, Open E, and Open G and doublings including Twelve String, Parallel Octaves and Parallel Fifths. You also have the ability to create your own custom alternate tunings and doublings!
  • Guitar Modeling: Select from different guitar models and pickup models so your guitar will sound like the classic and modern electric guitars, acoustic guitars and bass guitars we modeled.
  • Virtual Capo: Raise (and even lower) the guitar's pitch by up to 12 semitones.
  • Presets: The Antares ATG-1 has the capacity to store and access up to 8 banks of 8 presets, so your settings can be easily stored and accessed.

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