Allen & Heath LED-LAMPx Lamp

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Allen & Heath LEDLAMPx
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Allen & Heath LED-LAMPx Lamp

The Allen & Heath LED-LAMPx Lamp is a variable brightness 18” gooseneck lamp for mixing console and other equipment illumination using LEDs. Angled at 40 degrees for wide light dispersion, it is specially designed for consoles with lamp socket on the rear panel.

The Allen & Heath LED-LAMPx Lamp's LEDs are angled at 40 degrees ensuring a suitably wide light dispersion. Producing a bright, white light, the Allen & Heath LED-Lampx Lamp is more relaxing on the eye and better suited to illuminating a console control surface than the yellow light of a filament bulb. Unlike the filament bulb, the LEDs do not produce heat and they do not require replacement in time. A dimmer function is built into the lamp head. The light can be variably dimmed using a knurled thumbwheel from fully on to almost off so that it can be set according to the operating brightness required.

The Allen & Heath LED-Lampx Lamp circuit is built into a strong, stylish plastic moulding to ensure protection and user comfort. The flexible metal gooseneck can be bent into shape to adjust to the area being illuminated. It terminates in a 4-pin metal XLR suitable for plugging into the mating socket as found on many consoles including those made by Allen & Heath. Alternatively, it can be powered from an external 12V power supply. Allen & Heath LED-LAMPx Right Angle Lamp is specially designed for consoles with lamp socket on the rear panel.

Allen & Heath LED-LAMPx Lamp Features

  • Flexible 4-pin XLR gooseneck LED lamp
  • LEDs are angled at 40 degrees ensuring a suitably wide light dispersion
  • Produces a bright, white light that better illuminates a console control surface than a filament bulb
  • Built-in dimmer for variable brightness
  • No need to replace bulbs
  • Low current requirement
  • Rugged construction with protective plastic head
  • Specially designed for consoles with lamp socket on the rear panel

Allen & Heath LED-LAMPx Lamp Specifications

  • Recommended Power: 12V DC @ 35mA
  • Range Allowed: 10 - 18V AC or DC
  • Maximum: 18V @ 8CmA
  • Light Source: 4x Super Bright White LEDs
  • Brightness: Variable from Low to Fully On
  • Connector Type: 4-Pin 90 Degree Male XLR
  • Wiring: Power Across Pins 3 and 4, Case to Shell
  • Mechanics: Metal Connector and Gooseneck, ABS Head
  • Dimensions: Gooseneck 18" (457mm), Overall 22-1/2" (572mm)

Allen & Heath LED-LAMPx Lamp Includes

  • Allen & Heath LED-LAMPx Lamp
  • User Guide
  • 1 Year Warranty

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