AEA R84 Recording Bundle

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AEA R84 Recording Bundle
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AEA R84 Recording Bundle

The AEA R84 Recording Bundle ties together two of AEA's fantastically complimentary products into a great sounding, cost-saving bundle. This bundle includes a AEA R84, a AEA RPQ, a Fredenstein Bento 2 and a Mogami Gold Cable - at a savings of over $300!

This bundle represents a total-package that is perfect for someone looking for one microphone that will work to record many different sources. This package contains what we like to call "gear for life" - you're getting a set of indispensable studio tools that you'll treasure for years to come.

Front End Audio bundles are a "best deal" opportunity and are not eligible for sales or discounts. We work hard to maximize the value of your purchase!

AEA R84 Ribbon Microphone
The R84 is a passive ribbon microphone that shares the same Big Ribbon, tuning, and transformer as the R44 series. Using everything Wes Dooley and the team at AEA had learned by recreating the RCA 44, they went back to the drawing board to create something completely new. The R84 has a classic look and milder proximity effect than the R44. Easy to use and affordable, the R84 was designed to be flexible and practical in a myriad of recording settings.

AEA RPQ500 500-Series Microphone Preamp
The RPQ500 module, designed after the successful RPQ preamp, provides the same ultra-clean, high-gain signal path that has earned AEA preamps their great reputation, but in a 500 series package. JFET circuit topology provides all the dynamics, subwoofer bass, and fast transients that your microphones can record. The NoLoad input impedance above 10 kΩ means the RPQ won’t load down a mic and change its sound. The RPQ’s CurveShaper EQ gives you the tools to control your ribbons right at the start of the signal path. The Line/Mic switch bypasses the microphone gain stage and allows the EQ to be used for tracking with other preamps or during mixdown. Add the output level control, and the RPQ500 becomes a high-quality processing tool that can be used for mixing and mastering when combined with summing racks and mixers.

Fredenstein Bento 2 500-Series Rack
The Fredenstein Bento 2 is a high performance two module carrier for API-500 compatible plug-in cards or Fredenstein Series 600 modules or API-500 compatible plug-in cards. The unit can accept a maximum of 2 modules. The Bento 2 features several important upgrades compared with third party products:

AEA R84 / RPQ500 Package Includes

  • AEA R84 Ribbon Microphone
  • Aea RPQ Preamp
  • Fredenstein Bento 2 Rack
  • Mogami Gold Cable (15 foot)

What We Think

The AEA R84 Recording Bundle from Front End Audio was created with the expressed purpose of maximizing one's sonic potential with the AEA ribbon microphone system. It's no secret that ribbon microphones sound great! But it's also no great secret that they sometimes have special care & feeding requirements when it comes to gain and impedance. So, the preamp relationship becomes paramount! AEA has offered the TRP as a lower-cost 2-channel option, but with the release of the RPQ500, we had the idea to make a bundle which includes the 500-series power supply for free. Now with the emergence of the Fredenstein Bento 2, we've updated the bundle to include this power supply. The good news is that, not only is Fredenstein making a very reliable and well built set of tools, but the 2nd slot allows for this bundle to be expanded with the addition of another RPQ500 or any other 500-series module your heart desires. So, it's like slowly building your very own RPQ and your pace. Many of our customers have loved the option of purchasing this system at the savings that it offers. We invite you to discover the awesome power of a fully operational Ribbon Microphone System from AEA as assembled from us here at Front End Audio.

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  • 5
    Really great service

    Posted by Tom on Mar 19th 2014

    I initially had trouble installing the RPQ in the 500 series power supply. Sent an email, and received a prompt solution. Love the way it sounds now.