ADK Zeus Tube Microphones (Pair)

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ADK Zeus
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ADK Zeus Tube Microphone

The ADK Zeus Tube Microphone is the Swiss Army Knife of tools with over 81 possible settings!. Now available is a stereo pair, the Zeus is a Sonic Sculpting microphone for the modern studio.

The ADK Zeus is designed to be a ultra flexible multi-tasking Tube Microphone. The Zeus features both high and low frequency tailoring, three polar patterns (Omni, Figure of Eight, and Cardioid), as well as a three-way attenuation pad. With the unique features of the Zeus, allowing you to tailor the microphones performance to the sound source, there are a total of 81 combinations to experiment with. This vast flexibility makes the Zeus a powerful tool for your studio, and assures you'll always get the right sound. Want the edge over the next musician, producer or engineer? Then follow the golden ears to ADK! Just add your favorite pre-amp and mix to your ears delight.

ADK Zeus Tube Microphone Features

  • High Frequency Tailoring
    • In Brilliant Mode it can push a Rock or Hip Hop Vocal to the Front of the Mix!
    • In Near Neutral Mode it offers a very honest rendering of any source!
    • In Mellow Mode it can take the edge off a pinched or nasal singer. Fat!

  • Low Frequency Tailoring
    • Flat
    • 100Hz Cut
    • 150Hz Cut
  • A total of 81 combinations to tailor the mic to the sound source.

ADK Zeus Tube Microphone Specifications

  • Type: Pressure Gradient Transducer Tri-polar Class A Valve
  • Capsule: 32mm 6 micron, pre-aged gold-vapor-deposit dual-d.
  • Sensitivity: 14mV/Pa = -37dBV (at 94dBSPL)
  • Noise: 16dBA typical
  • Max. SPL: 124dB SPL / 132 dB SPL / 142 dB SPL (based on 0dB, -8dB, and -18dB Pad)

ADK Zeus Tube Microphone Includes

  • Zeus Microphone
  • Flight Case
  • Jewel Box
  • XLR Cables
  • Pop Filter
  • Universal Power Supply
  • Shock and Ring Mounts

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