ADK Z-49 Tube Microphone

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ADK Z-49
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ADK Z-49 Tube Microphone

The ADK Z-49 Tube Microphone is based on the classic M49 microphone which has been used on countless albums over the last 65 years. Known for its amazingly smooth top end, the Z-49 is a unique microphone that warms your tracks in a way that only the original can but at a price you can afford.

The ADK Z-49 Tube Microphone is part of the Z-Mod series of microphones. The Z-49 is a multi-pattern tube microphones that is hand-built using custom Belgium designed PC Boards, German hand selected valves, top-of-the-line components (like USA Jensen Transformers) and Australian designed capsules. Based on Ray Charles favorite ADK chassis, this microphone is completely configurable with you choice of transformer. Nobody knows ADK Z-Mod microphones like Front End Audio so give us a call at 888-228-4530 to configure yours today.

The ADK Z-49 Tube Microphone is more of a vintage 50’s vibe taken from the a “7” capsule. The mic is very smooth, with almost a dark top end and a full mid and round bottom. This mic is great for vocals, strings, and trumpet. Seriously, if you’ve ever felt like every other tube microphone is still too bright for you, but you like the responsiveness of a tube powered condenser capsule, then THIS is the right choice for you! It took ADK's design-team five years to put the “DNA” of the classic microphone into the tonality of this capsule. ADK took an additional two years beta-testing transformer combinations to find just the right sound. They enlisted some of the most respected "ears"’ in the recording industry, including the late, great Mike Shipley, Chuck Ainlay, and Ronny Brookshire.

Choose Your Transformer:

  • Jensen USA Transformer: The Jensen adds a bit of a "smiley face" character to the response of the microphone. Translated, that means a lifted top and bottom. It's like having a built in sweetening curve on top of the capsule's response. An excellent pairing with the Z-Mod-251.
  • Lundahl Transformer: Lundahl transformers are known for their flat-frequency-response. So, nothing is hyped here. This is a great choice with the Z-Mod-67 variant (makes the Z-Mod-67-L). The Lundahl keeps the top smooth and the perception of the mid-range is that it is increased. The lows stay well behaved - not bloomy. But certainly not a boring choice of transformer! The music is in the mid-range.
  • Sowter Transformer: There is just something "magical" that happens with the Sowter when you choose it to go in the Z-Mod-12 or in the Z-Mod-47. The mid-range comes alive in a special fashion.
  • Lehle Transformer: The Lehle is a Custom Transformer with what is considered the most Audiophile Characteristics of all our Transformer Options. The Lehle when combined with the ADK-251 Capsule that adds even more sheen, creating a modern sound that closely emulates the rising top-end of a more modern 800 Series Mic.

ADK Z-49 Tube Microphone Features

  • Hand-Crafted in USA
  • Chrome and Powder-Coat Chassis
  • Top-of-the-Line Components (such as your choice of these 3 premium mic transformers: USA Jensen, Lundahl, or Sowter)
  • Switchable Power Supply

ADK Z-49 Tube Microphone Includes

  • Premium Tweed Briefcase
  • Velvet Lined Wooden Microphone Case
  • Elastic Shock Mount
  • Low-Profile Ring Mount (Hard-mount)
  • Foam Windscreen
  • Pop Filter (w/ Gooseneck)
  • Power Supply w/ 9 Polar Patterns
  • 16′ Accu-Sound Silver-Pro 7-Pin Tube Microphone XLR Cable (A $179.99 Value!)
  • 16′ Accu-Sound Silver-Pro 3-Pin: Silver-plated XLR Cable (An $179.99 Value!)

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