ADAM S5A MKII Monitors (Used)

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ADAM S5A MKII Monitors

Front End Audio acquires previously owned gear through our Buy-Back program. You can purchase used gear at a great price but there are no manufacturer warranties with these items. These items have been inspected and/or tested by our staff to make sure each one is in working condition and comes with our commitment to service. This very special pair of ADAM S5A MKII Monitors were owned by a very good customer of ours who made a lateral move into something a bit different, which more closely fit his particular needs. They sound amazing and are in EXCELLENT condition (save for the odd scratch on the bottom, and a corner ding or so - nothing unexpected given that they are 2008 models). These monitors are EXTREMELY large and heavy so you MUST give us a call prior to purchasing these so we can accurately talk about a shipping quote.

They're a full-range system, to say the least (subs internal to the cabinet) and require quite a bit of substance in order to suspend them (they're not going to go on a pair of regular old monitor stands). Over the years, ADAM did change internal components from time to time. It has been confirmed that this particular set of monitors has the "better" Bang & Olufson amplifiers. Also, the 5" Mid-Bass drivers are brand new. These monitors are sure to stun! Definitely a mid-field/main that will both impress clients and prospective-clients alike, but most importantly, they are actually incredibly useful as mixing monitors. New, these monitors topped the charts, clocking in at $20,000 MSRP a pair. This is a fantastic opportunity to have a pair of world class ADAM S-Series monitors at an equally fantastic savings.

The ADAM S5A MKII 4-Way Active Studio Monitor is a studio monitor for the most demanding professional recording, mixing, and surround studio applications. The active four-way bass reflex system houses the ART ribbon tweeter and midrange unit together with an 5" HexaCone bass/ midrange and two 11" HexaCone subwoofers. The upper three loudspeakers are driven by a 150 Watt (RMS) amplifier each, the subwoofers by a 500 Watt (RMS) amplifier.

These Main Monitors have been designed for larger control rooms, and can be soffit mounted as well as providing excellent freestanding operation. They transport the fundamental advantages of the ART technology and the HexaCone woofers to much higher SPL regions and higher respectively lower frequency responses. As the diaphragm areas involved are considerably enlarged, an impressive combination of natural sound and high dynamics is achieved.

The ART of midrange drivers & precise bass drivers
All ADAM main monitors employ the ART midrange drivers to achieve the best possible sound quality across the full audio spectrum. Aiming at total authenticity in the reproduction of music, these monitors avoid the common flaw in big loudspeakers which is to impress the listener with a thunderous bass a principle more in line with a PA loudspeaker. Instead, ADAM main monitors are designed to provide a big speaker that can actually be used for critical listening, combining precision and magnitude to enable sound engineers in larger control rooms to monitor even the most complex sound material with complete accuracy.

Set up and combination
The different versions of the S5A have been designed to meet different needs for setup and mounting in bigger studios. The very similar overall sound characteristics of both monitors allow for a perfect combination and integration of both S5A versions in a 5.1 or 7.1 installation.

Controls on the front panel
The front panel "identical in both monitors" carries a number of controls to adapt to different room acoustics or personal tastes. An input sensitivity control (±10 dB) is provided, as well as gain controls for the tweeter (±4 dB) and the two midrange units (±2 dB). There are also Hi/Lo shelving filters for the ranges >6 kHz and

ADAM S5A MKII Monitors Features

  • 4-Way Bass Reflex System with following configuration:
    • 1 x ART Ribbon Tweeter (Diaphragm Area = 4.5 inches/squared)
    • 1 x ART Ribbon Midrange Driver (Diaphragm Area = 26 inches/squared)
    • 1 x 5" HexaCone Bass Midrange Driver (New pair of Drivers in these speakers)
    • 2 x 11" HexaCone Subwoofers
    • 3 x 150-Watt RMS (350 Watts peak) Amplifiers for the Ribbon Tweeter, Ribbon Midrange and Bass Midrange Drivers
    • 1 x 500 Watt RMS (700 Watts peak) Digital Amplifier for the Subwoofers
  • Front Panel Controls:
    • Power/Standby
    • Input Gain (-10dB - +10dB)
    • High Gain (-4dB - +4dB)
    • EQ > 6 kHz (-6dB - +6dB)
    • Mid Gain (-2dB - +2dB)
    • EQ < 150Hz (-6dB - +6dB)
    • Overload Indicator LED
  • Amplifiers of this pair are made by Bang & Olufsen

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