"I'm writing to send my praises about Mr. Dave Alewine. I recently ordered some Heil tom mics and clips from your company, and was on a deadline to get them for a project I need to complete. Dave was extremely helpful in getting these products shipped from the manufacturer and making sure that they got to me on time. He sent me several follow up emails to let me know the product status to accommodate my needs. They will be at my residence on Friday thanks to Dave!"
-Lane, CO

"Thank intensely human effort and dedication in providing the best service possible, I am very grateful and it makes all the difference in the relationship with the customer. Surely, when I come back to buy new licenses or products I will give preference to Front End Audio.
-Fernando, Brazil

Just recently I have purchased Mackie DLM12 bags from Front End Audio and would like to praise on staff working there, particularly David. I found the whole experience very smooth, professional and friendly. What I was also impressed with, was the fact that the time frame indicated for delivery (I am living in Australia) was accurate and truthful and even exceeded by 1 day, with tracking information being updated regularly. Also after the purchase, they have kept a line of communication, ensuring that everything is OK and asking if they might me more of assistance. Well done and surely I would recommend this guys to anybody looking for honest and professional business to deal with. Certainly I will do it again the future. Many thanks.
-Lukasz, Western Australia

One week was all that it took to get a complex order shipped out to the desert on the other side of the planet. Your timing is fantastic, your customer service is phenomenal, your prices are outstanding, and your products are always of the highest quality. This is why I, and all my friends in the music industry, are and always will be hard core Front End Audio customers. You satisfy my greatly once again!!
-Sammy, other side of the planet

Thank you for your email. I have had a bad experience with customer service of a different company recently and your letter came like a breath of fresh air. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate it and will defenently choose you in the future for any items I can. I also enjoyed the thank you note in the box when it arrived. Nice personal touch in a shopping system that can often feel too impersonal. Thanks again!
-Hawkins, AK

Recently I purchased a Stage Snake from Front End Audio. Dave Alewine went above and beyond in helping me to make the right choice. He did a lot of searching for me, contacting me with the information; his e-mails with the links was excellent and very helpful. Just wanted you to know that I so appreciate all that he did in helping make the right purchase. So nice to deal with people like this.
-Hal Ballew, FL

It's important to me to say that your service is much beyond standard! Your service makes me feel very secure on my purchases on FEA even though we have an ocean between us.
-Meiron Egger, Isral

Thank you so much for a fast & hassle free service. My order arrived 2 days sooner than expected & in great condition. A genuine pleasure doing business with you. Cheers!
-Scott Bowman, UK

I just want to let you knpw how much I apriciate your help! Definetly I will buy again soon! You have the best international service for sure and politely employers! Thanks and I will tell everybody about your excelent service! Los felicito! Muchas gracias por todo! El mejor servicio! Honesto, rapido y coordial!
-David Mendez, PR

Just wanted to say thanks for a very fast service with my recent purchase. I ordered it earlier in the week, maybe Wednesday...and it arrived today (Saturday). I didn't pay for fast shipping or anything; just the free 7-day service. It was the fastest 7-day shipping service I've ever encountered. Thank you! Oh, and the microphone sounds really great as well!
-S. Miller, PA

Alan tks for your great customer support & being in sales understand that customers are what makes things happen. You did a great job & more importantly won a long time customer & will pass this on to many freinds & business associates.
-Dave Michalik, MI

I just want to take the time to say how impressed I am with FEA's customer service. Their customer service is top notch and Ryan Ferris in particular, has been super helpful and quick to reply emails. Being so dedicated in providing good customer service is no easy task and requires people with good attitude too. So to everyone at FEA, keep up the good work! Thank you for the excellent service/support.

-Felix Voon, MA

I ordered a package yesterday at noon and my wife just called to tell me it was already delivered today. Just wanted to say how impressed I am! Thank you so much for such fast service. I WILL be ordering through Front End Audio again!

-Chris Adams, GA

The delivery was 24 hours ahead of time. You shipped on the 8/3/10 and I received the consignment on the Monday morning at 8.30 am after a weekend on the 8/9/10. Your communication and service was excellent. Congratulations and thank you, a very professional service and product.

-Peter Bennett, Melbourne Australia

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Carrie David for her excellent customer service, and for going beyond the extra mile on our recent order. What an incredible job Carrie did for us. She is simply awesome. It was my privilege to work with her. Keep up the good work. I deal with a lot of Audio companies and not many of them would have done this, but you have made me a customer for life.
-Tom Dion, VA

Honestly, Front End Audio has the best service and support that I've seen thus far. Ryan in sales, he is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Everytime I would have a new question Ryan would not hesitate to reply with a timely answer. I told him my budget and he set me up with the perfect equipment that got me the most bang for my buck. From now on Front End Audio is my go to place for new gear because I know they will not leave me hanging and be there for me when I need them. This level of service you don't see from any other place. I highly recommend them to my family, friends and even you. Just contact them to see for yourself!
-Billy Heinrich

WoW!! I ordered yesterday about 10:00 AM EST and Fedex just delivered the package. ...service like this has to be acknowledged. My thanks for your promptness. The icing on the cake was your price! That in combination with the speedy delivery, will certainly keep your company at the top of my list for future purchases.
-Jack Anastasi, NC

I just want to tell you how AMAZED I am at the Valvet X - and your customer service. You guys TOTALLY rock ! And the mic is the sweetest addition to my locker- easily more crisp and tight than my beloved U87- and Pearlman TM-1. Not getting rid of those- but I am SO pleased with the purchase. Simply amazing ! You've won me as a regular for sure !
-John D Koontz III, LA

My order arrived approximately 18 hours after I called in. This is incredibly fast and my sales rep was very helpful. This is why I WILL BE BACK!
-Brian Stabler, NC

I wanted to say thanks for helping us upgrading our company PA system. Everything went great during our first site meeting. Our site manager, who is soft spoken, could be heard with clearity. There were no timing issues with the sound traveling from the front to the satellite speakers. People could actually hear clearly from the back as if they were in the front. I had several people tell me "this is the first meeting they could hear from the sides and back in 10 years". The managers were highly impressed.
-Kyle Zalusky, SC
Just a quick email to say thanks for your help and the good service. I ordered the preamp on Monday, and it was with me in the UK by Thursday. I am blown away, to be honest! Thanks to all.
-James Kenny, UK
Just wanted you to know that I appreciate the customer service that you provide. The Yorkville Bass that I wanted was not in stock. The sales person told me that and the he would call me back in 30 minutes and give me an accurate shipping date. He did just that and my order showed up one day early. Product is great and Company great. You have a dedicated customer here. Thank you, you will be hearing from me again.
-Randy A Barnes, NC

Hi Shane, we just got off the phone and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for taking care of my order mix up! Its so key that online shops take care of their customers and you resolved this issue quick and painless. Your company set a high bar for customer care and I only hope that more online shops are like yours. Thanks again, and I'm definitely telling friends and colleagues about your shop!
-Mark Cruz, CA
Never, in any live dealing on-line or by phone, have I ever dealt with a more pleasant, well-informed, cooperative representative than someone at your organization named "Dave." I do not normally leave testimonials like this because, after all they are only doing their job, but Dave went far beyond what I would expect -- even going as far as physically checking your warehouse to make sure the item was in stock, and then promptly calling me back. He is a credit to your company. Goodness me -- it gets better! I was just about to press the send button when an email arrived saying that the mic has already been shipped! I only placed the order ten minutes, or so, ago.
-Jack, LA
You guys are terrific! I haven't purchased anything from you and found myself in a bind needing some PZM style mics by this Thursday. I ordered them yesterday, asking for overnight shipping. Now, overnight shipping doesn't always mean "overnight shipping" - that you will get the shipment the next day. It usually means that after the order is "processed" (or pulled off the shelf and put in a box) THEN it is shipped overnight. Some companies take a day or two to do the "processing." I crossed my fingers, hoping that I would get the shipment by tomorrow or Thursday morning at the latest. Not having dealt with you before, I just didn't know what to expect. Imagine my surprise when I notice there's a box for me at the shipping dock!! My order from Front End Audio! Thanks for your very speedy service. You have lowered my stress level considerably! I will definitely order from you again.
-Laurie Ralston, AZ
Just a note of thanks for the fantastic service. With the stress of bringing a third room online you delivered quickly and with a "can do" attitude. You've won our business and thanks!

-Chuck Chapman, MO

I will definitely do business with you again! I really like fact that I'm talking to a seller how knows his way around the studio. I used to deal with a company called **EDITED** but I wasn't very happy with them, so I've been looking for another firm to do business with for some while.
-Ziggy, Denmak

Thanks very much - I'm very happy with the service you've provided - helpful and efficient. I hope to do business with you again very soon.
Shaun Bellingham , United Kingdom

Hi, you helped me purchase the extreme isolation headphones last February. I can't say thank you enough they are keeping me sane. My office environment is just a crazy cubical farm and everyone thinks they should use their outdoor voice. Since I do a lot of coding and system design work this is the worst environment to try and concentrate in. The Headphones work wonderfully reducing or plain out canceling voices not even playing music. They are one-hundred percent better than active noise canceling headphones that reduce background noise making voices/office noise clearer. Just thought I would send a "Thank you" from my brain.
Michael McLaughlin , MN

Business is easy when we're dealing with straight up folks. Both you and Shane are the "Front" in Front End Audio. Thanks for the great support and going the extra mile. It's not often customer service like that is found.
-John Hoekstra , MI
Thanks for expediting the order and following up. It's rare to find someone who has such good service.

Thanks for your speedy reply. I've just paid for these mics via paypal. I got replys from other companies selling these mics but you were the only one willing to test them first, thanks. Real good customer service, thank you. Looking forward to recieving them. I will also reccommend you to my musician friends.
Michael Black, Ireland

Thank you so much. I really appreciate the help. This is why you guys are the place to shop for gear. You take care of your customers.
John Vesely, CA

I have my headphones back and could not be more pleased with the service from front end audio. In all respects, the service I have received has been astounding.
-James P. Higgins

I received the speaker stands and bag yesterday. Thank you for working so hard to get them here. I appreciate your gracious consessions. Even more, I appreciate your attitude.
-James Graham

Hello out there in Front End Audio-land and cheers from Flagstaff, AZ. Just wanted to tell you that I've been digging on the Avenson STO-2 omni pair I recieved from you last week. What a neat pair of mics and all around nice package!! It has been fun messing with some new placements in my room, (my first omnis you see), and I can already see alot of truly useful apps for these mics. Gotta tell you, the stereo bar you threw in has been VERY useful. Great call on that one! I'm proudly wearing my new Front End shirt, and as soon as I can sell my concert guitar, I'll be back for some nice preamps. Thank you very much for your fine service you guys!!
Jeff Pomeroy, AZ

Just to let you know I am overall Thrilled with your service and products. You have definately become my new goto place for audio equipment.
Michael Kopiec, MA

Thanks Front End Audio. You guys really came thru on a Sennheiser MD441U mic I needed ASAP. I've just said goodbye to Muscians Friend and Sweetwater. Not only do you have the best prices around, you have the best customer service too. Shane even answered the phone after hours, and questions were always answered promptly and followed up. Thanks a lot you guys.
Larry Kapphahn, NE

You ROCK man! Thanks a ton!! That's superior customer service-that is what I would do for anyone of my customers-but, I rarely recieve that kind of service myself, I really do appreciate it! I t's been a pleasure doing business w/ you-i'll highly recommend you to others in the industry. -Justin Wynn, VA Even though we didn't have much interaction,it was nice doing business with someone that you know shares a passion for the music. As the needs arise & Front End Audio is able I'll be doing my business with you.

-Larry Jones, CA

Wow You guys are fantastic! Customer service is hard to come by these days. Thanks a lot Shane...
Wrick Wolff, WA

What a wonderful customer service! It may not appear as a big deal for you but that small interaction a the simple friendliness with which you helped me ensured that Front End Audio is now a place I am going to hang out! I do some high end Audio purchases every year. You have given me plenty of reason to switch my allegiance :-).
Navkal , MA

Hi Carrie, Thanks so much for getting in touch! I've got to confide in you, it's a great privilege to think of myself as a Front End Audio customer-- I know that I'm being taken care of. Simple as that.

-Joel Patteron, NY

UNBELIEVABLE! This is how internet shopping SHOULD work! Just received my order 2 DAYS after I placed it. Lowest price, EASY web interface and no need to set up an account to buy something. You guys have figured it out and do a great job. Thanks!
Eric Gusky, TN

Hi Shane! You are awesome man, I want you to know I have never received this type of support on any product or service in my life! You should get an award or something. Thanks so much again and have a wonderful day.

-Eric Venuto, PA

I would like to say wow that was an easy transaction to deal with it was a very smooth purchase, compared to other E-sellers this was a breeze! I wish I had discovered you guys earlier. Compared to **EDITED** it was magic. No bullshit emailing for prices shipping quotes, mucking around with pro-formas...etc. I look forward to my next purchase...

-Nick Zervos, New Zealand

I am ridiculously impressed with your customer service even on such a small order. My company will certianly be purchasing from frontendaudio.com in the future. Thank you very much!

-Mathew Hornbeek, CA

I greatly appreciate the exceptional customer service which makes other audio shops blanch in comparison. Viva le Front End Audio!

-Philip Giannelli, NY

Carrie, you are the best sales support I've ever encountered! Whatever they're paying you, it's not enough. Seriously, I'd heard good things about Front End Audio on the internet, but I think I've learned their secret ingredient.

-Chris Atwood, AK