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Solomon Mics is a company dedicated to providing a purpose-built, ultra-large diaphragm microphone designed to capture the sound of the outer-head of a kick drum - but without the problems associated with converting a speaker to work as a microphone - or the mounting problems! The Solomon LoFReQ Sub Frequency Microphone... lightweight and true-to-life sub frequencies that don't require tons of additional processing as compared to the well-known and long-discontinued Yamaha SubKick. Enter the Solomon LoFreq! It's the sound you're after right out of the box without the hassle and additional costs of the SubKick. It will blend very well with your choice of inner kick drum mic to create the perfect attack supported by the moving air and weight of sound of your drum. Give it a try! We think you'll love it.
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Solomon LoFreq Solomon LoFReQ Sub Frequency Microphone

The Solomon LoFreq Sub Frequency Microphone provides a depth, dimension, and fullness to your bass drum, that is simply not achievable with other mics. Coupled with your favorite inside mic, the Solomon LoFreq will layer a larger than life sound to your kick.

List Price: $249.00
Our Price: $199.00