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Radial JR1-M Footswitch

Radial JR1-M
Radial JR1-M
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Radial JR1-M Footswitch

The Radial JR1-M Footswitch is a momentary footswitch that can control various Radial devices, such as the Relay Xo Stereo Switcher, and is designed to remotely control functions such as switching between A and B outputs.

The Radial JR1-M Footswitch is a single action footswitch designed to remotely control a function such as selecting A or B outputs. As a passive device, it does not require any power to make it work. Instead, it employs a simple mechanical switch that shorts the positive with the ground using either ¼" or XLR connections.

The Radial JR1-M Footswitch shorts the contact when depressed, and releases as soon as the switch is released. When used for this purpose and set to active mode, the Radial JR1-M Footswitch derives power from the device under control, thus eliminating the need for a local power supply or batteries. The Radial JR1-M Footswitch can also function in passive mode, allowing it to function as a standard footswitch for any device with a compatible 1/4" footswitch jack. This momentary footswitch changes states only when held down and subsequently released and is a well suited for 'push-to-talk' uses like toggling to an intercom system to speak with stage technicians.

Radial JR1-M Footswitch Features

  • Combo is used to connect to remote device
  • Provides locking connection for ¼” TRS or XLR-male terminated cable
  • Equipped with a momentary footswitch that will change states only when held down
  • Selects active mode for use with Radial devices or passive mode for standard footswitch operation
  • Yellow top is highly visible on dark stages while black casing is ‘invisible’ from the audience perspective

Radial JR1-M Footswitch Includes

  • Radial JR1-M Footswitch
  • User Guide
  • 3 Year Warranty

Radial JR1-M Footswitch Downloads

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