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Rack Gear

Front End Audio carries a comprehensive selection of studio Rack Gear, whether it be full-size standard 19-inch rack gear or for the modular 500-Series, you'll find a variety of Microphone Preamps, dynamics processors such as Compressors, De-Essers, Gates and Expanders, all-in-one units such as Channel Strips, Summing Amps and Summing Mixers, various Effects units and the devices to interface them, and the AD/DA Converter / Interfaces. There's such a wide variety of flavors of each of these devices that it can be a bit overwhelming to know which pieces are going to be right for the sound you're trying to achieve. Never fear! Front End Audio's staff brings years of professional studio and live sound experience to the table. Combine that with a genuine obsession with audio gear and the art of integrating it all with consoles, recorders, and DAWs for flawless performance, and Front End Audio is your best choice for making the right decision for you. Need help deciding? Just contact Front End Audio and we are happy to help you select the correct gear that will best meet your needs and expectations.
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Rockruepel COMP.TWO Rockruepel COMP.TWO Mastering Bus Compressor

The Rockruepel COMP.TWO Mastering Bus Compressor is quite possibly the BEST and FINEST sounding compressor you'll ever lay ears on. A tall claim? We don't think so. It's also one of the most flexible compressors you'll ever use. The COMP.TWO is an All-Tube, Ultra-Fast, Remote-Cutoff (Variable Mu), Stereo / Dual-Mono Compressor, handmade in Germany, and available exclusively in North America by Front End Audio. We dare you to find out for yourself!

List Price: $5,749.00
Our Price: $5,499.00

Rockruepel LIMIT.ONE Rockruepel LIMIT.ONE Mastering Limiter

The Rockruepel LIMIT.ONE Mastering Limiter blazes a new path to offer a better way to accomplish a very necessary function in a territory almost completely left alone to one other device. The LIMIT.ONE is a neo-classic transformer based analog limiter! Brick-wall limiting, level control for mono or stereo tracks and new sound shaping possibilities - all in one box!

List Price: $3,899.00
Our Price: $3,599.00
Rupert Neve 535 Rupert Neve 535 500-Series Diode Bridge Compressor

The Rupert Neve 535 500-Series Diode Bridge Compressor captures the soul of Rupert Neves original 2254 compressor while providing modern updates including advanced timing control, significantly lower noise, fully stepped controls throughout, and internal parallel processing capabilities. Punchy, thick and versatile!

List Price: $1,095.00
Our Price: $995.00
Millennia STT-1 Origin Millennia STT-1 Origin Recording System

The Millennia STT-1 Origin Recording System is the culmination of meticulous listening tests on innumerable circuit, topology, and packaging designs over many years of product design and development.

List Price: $3,409.00
Our Price: $3,067.99

Chandler Limited TG Opto Chandler Limited TG Opto 500-Series Compressor

The Chandler Limited TG Opto 500-Series Compressor is a handmade, fully discrete, mono, dual space module, designed for the 500 Series format. Create your own TG console channel today by adding the TG Opto compressor  to your 500 Series rack!

List Price: $1,195.00
Our Price: $1,195.00
Chandler Limited TG12345 MKIV Chandler Limited TG12345 MKIV 500-Series Equalizer

The Chandler Limited TG12345 MKIV 500-Series Equalizer is a handmade, fully discrete, mono, single space module, designed for the 500 Series format. Create an EMI TG console channel today by adding the TG12345 MKIV EQ to your 500 Series rack!

List Price: $1,095.00
Our Price: $1,095.00
Great River MP-500NV Great River MP-500NV 500-Series Preamp

The Great River MP-500NV 500-Series Preamp packs all of Great River's famous 'desert island' sound quality of the ME-1NV and MP-2NV into a double-wide 500 series module. Big sound demands a big footprint. And when you're after all of the power of a true heavyweight, Great River delivers knockout punch!

List Price: $1,034.00
Our Price: $795.00

Great River ME-1NV Great River ME-1NV Preamp

The Great River ME-1NV Preamp is that 'if you can only have one' microphone preamplifier. It does so much... and so much GOOD to your sound. Looking to make a vocal powerful? Make a kick drum really move some air? Make a snare drum jump out of the monitors? Impart some rich life onto an acoustic guitar? More? Then the ME-1NV is your weapon of choice.

List Price: $1,495.00
Our Price: $1,150.00

Great River MP-2NV Great River MP-2NV Preamp

The Great River MP-2NV 2-Channel Preamp, a pair of preamps that offers the same definitive sonic fidelity and expert craftsmanship as all Great River products, with the ability to fine-tune gain effects like 1970's-era 1073's!

List Price: $2,960.00
Our Price: $2,275.00

Great River EQ-1NV Great River EQ-1NV Equalizer

The Great River EQ-1NV Equalizer, a digitally controlled analog parametric EQ offers similar topology to vintage 1081/1083 models, but with welcome improvements!

List Price: $2,080.00
Our Price: $1,600.00

Rack Gear at Front End Audio

Front End Audio sells Studio Recording and Live Sound Rack Gear from brands such as A Designs, AEA, Antelope, Apogee, ART, Audient, Avalon, Avid, AwTAC, Avenson, Audio Black Lion Audio, Blue Microphones, Burl Audio, Chameleon Labs, Chandler Limited, Crane Song, Crimson Audio, DACS, Daking, Dave Hill Designs, DBX, Drawmer, DW Fearn, Earthworks, Elysia, Eventide, FMR Audio, Focusrite, Fredenstein, Grace Design, Great River, Grimm Audio, Gyraf Audio, IGS, Joemeek, John Hardy, Kush, LaChapell Audio, Lavry Engineering, Lexicon, Lynx Studio Technology, Manley Labs, Miktek, Millennia Media, Moog, Mytek Digital, Overstayer, Pendulum Audio, Phoenix Audio, PreSonus, Purple Audio, Radial Engineering, Regular John Recording, RETRO, RME, Rockruepel, Roll Music, Rupert Neve Designs, Smart Research, Sonic Core, Solid State Logic, Sonifex, Speck Electronics, SPL, Studio Electronics, Studio Projects, Summit Audio, Sunset Sound, Symetrix, Tascam, TC Electronic, Thermionic Culture, Tonecraft, Tonelux, Trident, True Systems, Tube-Tech, Universal Audio, Vintech, Waves DiGiGrid, WesAudio, Yamaha, and more!

About Rack Gear

The Rack Gear that we find in Recording Studios and in FOH racks in Live Sound covers a lot of ground and is where we can really make (or break) the sound. Ask any engineer and most will tell you that, while there's a software plug-in to emulate just about every classic piece of audio gear over the past 60 years, there's nothing that sounds quite like real analog gear. And let's face facts - you really can't get around needing great mic preamps and converters! There is a wide palate of sonic colors and textures available in each category of audio equipment which falls within the classification of "rack gear." There are transformerless designs, transformer-coupled designs, and some with transformerless input / transformer-coupled output (and vice-versa) hybrid designs. There are Class-A designs as well as Class AB and more. Tube and solid state (JFET) is an old favorite design dichotomy. And "discrete" op-amps vs ICs (integrated circuits). Inductor EQs, Opto compressors, Remote Cutoff Limiters, VCA compressors, soft-knee, hard-knee, Feed-forward vs Feedback, Pultec-style, Baxandall Delta-Sigma vs DSD vs you get the picture! There's a LOT of variables in the design which translate to differences in the sound. The staff here at Front End Audio is ready, willing, and able to help guide you through the myriad options to help you get the sound you're after. Regardless of your budget or application, Front End Audio can help you decide on the rack gear that will meet your needs.

Rack Gear Types

Front End Audio sells various types of Microphone Preamplifiers, Dynamics Processors (such as Compressors, De-Essers, Gates, and Expanders), Equalizers (EQs), Channel Strips, Effects Processors (including Reverbs, Delays), Summing Mixers, and AD/DA Digital Converters.