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PreSonus AIR18s Active Subwoofer

PreSonus AIR18s
PreSonus AIR18s
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PreSonus AIR18s Active Subwoofer

The Presonus AIR18s subwoofer is designed to complement any full-range PA loudspeaker and a perfect companion for the PreSonus® AIR10, AIR12, and AIR15, delivers a powerful, clear, and accurate low-end punch.

With its 18-inch low-frequency transducer, driven by 1,200 watts of Class D power, it provides plenty of detailed bottom end—all the way down to 30 Hz. Yet it is portable and well suited for mobile applications, as well as installed systems. Since each venue has unique acoustics and each application makes different demands on a sound system, we’ve equipped AIR-series subwoofers with easy-to-use controls and signal-processing presets. Set your subwoofers for normal front-of-house use or get an even bigger low-end with the Mo’ Bass preset. Set them to perform in an array. Reverse polarity, use the lowpass filter to set a crossover frequency, adjust the master output level of the power amplifier, even turn the grille LED off for install applications or set it to illuminate only when the protection limiter is engaged—all at the touch of a button.

Although it has a rugged, tour-grade birch enclosure, the PreSonus AIR18s is much more compact and lightweight than you’d expect from a subwoofer that can deliver this much power. With integrated provisions for the included caster kit, ground-stacking provisions, and ergonomic handles on both sides, it’s easy to transport for mobile applications, while offering the features and performance needed for demanding installs. The AIR18s sports two combo XLR and ¼” TRS line-level inputs with level control, and throughputs are provided to connect full-range systems or multiple subwoofers in larger systems. You can even defeat the front power-indicator LED for low-visibility installs.

Although Presonus recommends AIR-series full-range loudspeakers, AIR18s subwoofers can be used with virtually any full-range loudspeaker. Whatever full-range speaker you choose, aligning the subwoofer to its full-range companion will yield tighter bass response. AIR18s subwoofers make it easy, with a variable alignment delay that properly aligns your three-way system, whether the full-range loudspeaker is placed atop the subwoofer, using the sub pole, or is placed a few feet away. AIR-series subwoofers also are equipped with a variable lowpass filter that allows you to dial in the best crossover point for your system. Optimized settings are provided for the AIR10, AIR12, and AIR15 full-range loudspeakers. Most subwoofers are essentially omnidirectional, radiating sound around the entire cabinet, which can cause feedback onstage and make monitoring more difficult. Creating a subwoofer array helps keep excess energy off of the stage and in the audience where it is needed. AIR-series subwoofers provide the tools you need to create these arrays with ease.

PreSonus AIR18s Active Subwoofer Features

  • Main Components
    • 1,200W (dynamic) Class D power amp
    • 18-inch woofer with a 3-inch voice coil
    • Frequency Response: 30 to 150 Hz
    • Max SPL: 129 dB
    • 2 combo XLR-¼” line inputs and two XLR direct outputs
  • Controls
    • Easy-to-use DSP performance presets:
      • Normal—typical FOH use
      • Mo’ Bass—extended low-end performance
    • Locate—adjusts performance for arrayed and non-arrayed applications
      • Normal – non-arrayed applications
      • Cardioid—create a ground-stacked cardioid subwoofer array (using two of the same model subwoofer)
      • Endfire – create an endfire cardioid subwoofer array (using two of the same model subwoofer)
    • Fully variable lowpass filter (sets the upper frequency limit/crossover point) LP filter presets for use with AIR15, AIR12, and AIR10
      • LP filter presets for use with AIR15, AIR12, and AIR10
    • Alignment delay—adds delay time relative to full-range speaker
    • Polarity—invert the polarity of the summed input signal
  • Convenience Features
    • 2 comfortable ergonomic side handles
    • Ground stack provisions
    • Castor provisions (castor kit included)
    • Defeatable front-panel LED
    • Rugged, texture-painted, birch enclosure
    • Tour-grade, 17 gauge steel grille

PreSonus AIR18s Active Subwoofer Specifications

  • Acoustic Performance
    • Configuration: Active vented design
    • Frequency Range: 30 Hz to 150 Hz
    • Maximum Output: 129 dB SPL
  • Transducer
    • LF Driver: 18” (3” voice coil)
  • Amplifier
    • Amplifier Type: Class D
    • Total System Power: 1,200W dynamic (600W continuous)
  • Connections and Controls
    • Inputs: 2 x XLR/TRS line combo
    • Outputs: 1 x XLR Link Out
  • DSP
    • DSP Features: LCD screen with EQ and multiple presets
  • Enclosure
    • Cabinet: 15 mm plywood
    • Grille: 1.5 mm steel
    • Handles: 2 side
    • Mounting: Groundstack provisions
    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 29.5” x 23.2” x 30” (750 mm x 590 mm x 760 mm)
    • Weight: 83.8 lbs (38 kg)
  • Power
    • Power Input: 115V / 230V ~50/60 switchable
    • Maximum Current: 5.3A (230V-50 Hz), 10.6A (120V)
  • AIR Speaker mounts are compatible with M20-threaded screw poles with a diameter of 33 mm and a length of 31.5

PreSonus AIR18s Active Subwoofer Includes

  • PreSonus AIR18s Active Subwoofer
  • Power cable
  • Manual
  • 2 Year nontransferable warranty

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