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Mytek Digital Stereo96 DAC Mastering D/A Converter

Mytek Digital Stereo96 DAC
Mytek Digital Stereo96 DAC
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Mytek Digital Stereo96 DAC Mastering D/A Converter

Mytek Digital Stereo96 DAC Mastering D/A Converter

Mytek Digital Stereo96 DAC Mastering D/A Converter Details

The Mytek Digital Stereo96 DAC is a two channel hi-end Digital to Analog converter for recording and mastering applications. The main feature of this converter is its outstanding sound quality which makes it suitable for the most demanding projects when preserving the original signal quality is a required.

Mytek Digital Stereo96 DAC Mastering D/A Converter Features

  • Jitter free operation with SuperLock technology. In SuperLock mode ultra stable 10ps internal clock allows for D/A conversion of incoming signals of any sample rate with 192K sampling bandwidth. This method provides 100% immunity to source jitter and relaxed filtering with 100kHz bandwidth.
  • Same converter chip and specs as 8X96 DAC
  • Transparent high current, high performance headphone amp
  • Volume control assignable to headphones and analog outputs (for plugging your digital monitoring directly into power amp for ultimate sound transparency)
  • External or internal sync.
  • Accepts up to 192k single wire input on internal sync, and up to 96k on external sync.
  • Stereo level meter with true over detection

Mytek Digital Stereo96 DAC Mastering D/A Converter Specifications

  • 2-channel, 24bit, PCM 192-kHz D-to-A conversion in SuperLock(tm) mode
  • ( 96-kHz D-to-A conversion in input sync mode when digital input sync is used)
  • All sample rates playback with 100-kHz analog bandwidth in SuperLock(tm) mode
  • THD+N = -107 dB (0.0005%)
  • 120 dB Dynamic Range A-weighted
  • AES/EBU and S/PDIF hi speed digital inputs (25-200kHz)
  • Digital input source-selection switch
  • Balanced, +4dB outputs (+29 dBu) with adjustable gain trimpots
  • Unbalanced operation with consumer levels
  • Variable or preset output level controls, switch selectable with high performance conductive plastic attenuator
  • Direct connection to powered monitors, the built in attenuator can be used as volume control
  • high performance conductive plastic attenuator
  • Built-in 0.5A high current drive, hi-speed headphone amplifier
  • Total jitter immunity via Superlock technology
  • Phase Accurate D-to-A conversion across any number of channels
  • LED Bargraph true digital peak meter
  • Internal low-radiation oversized toroidal power supply
  • International 115-230 input voltage range
  • Power switch on the front panel
  • Automatic De-emphasis
  • Milled aluminum front panel
  • 1/3 wide, 1RU chassis
  • Rack mount 1U shelf available
  • CE Compliant

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What We Think - Mytek Digital Stereo96 Review

"The Mytek Digital Stereo96 units are just about the least expensive way to get into truly world class digital conversion. Do yourself a favor and jump in. The long and short of it is that Mytek Digital converters are fantastic devices. Great digital sound that is both deep and wide and is crystal clear without hype. If you need a great front end and rear end to your recorder, Mytek Digital is definitely worth strong consideration."

Alan Moon - Front End Audio

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