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Lexicon PCM96 SUR-D Effects Processor

Lexicon PCM96 SUR-D
Lexicon PCM96 SUR-D
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Lexicon PCM96 SUR-D Effects Processor

The Lexicon PCM96 SUR-D Effects Processor is a new Lexicon PCM96 SUR-D Effects Processor with Digital I/O. Designed to give you industry standard reverbs and effects with tremendous flexibility, the PCM96 SUR-D also features MIDI, Wordclock, Ethernet, and FireWire.

The Lexicon PCM96 SUR-D Effects Processor is based on the success of the Lexicon PCM96 with more presets, more configuration options, and more inputs and outputs. Use the Lexicon PCM96 Surround as a plug-in with your DAW, or keep it connected to your mixing board. Either way, you have a multitude of configuration options to choose from, without having to move any cables.

The Lexicon PCM96 SUR-D Effects Processor features 6 channels of digital inputs and outputs, and also has MIDI, Wordclock, Ethernet, and FireWire®.

Lexicon PCM96 SUR-D Effects Processor Features

  • 6 Channels of digital inputs and outputs
  • New Parallel Stereo and Surround configurations
  • 50 legendary Lexicon reverbs, delays, and modulation effects
  • Lexicon’s new Surround Room algorithm, used to generate a vast array of room-related effects for music and post
  • New Pitch algorithms
  • Seamless automation and control via Ethernet or FireWire
  • Over 2200 factory presets, including recognizable classics from Lexicon's immense library of sounds
  • Hardware Plug-In capability inside Mac VST, Audio
  • Units, or RTAS software
  • 32-Bit floating point processing
  • Sample rates up to 96kHz
  • External BNC Wordclock
  • MIDI in, out, and thru
  • 1024 User presets
  • Compact Flash for additional storage

Lexicon PCM96 SUR-D Effects Processor Specifications

  • Digital Audio I/O:
    • Connectors: One 25-pin Dsub female connector
    • Format: AES/EBU
    • Word Size: 24 Bits
  • Sample Rates:
    • Internal: 44.1kHz/48kHz/88.2kHz/96kHz
    • Accuracy: Within ±50ppm
    • External: 44.1kHz/48kHz/88.2kHz/96kHz
    • Lock Range: ±2% of nominal
  • Propagation Delays (Milliseconds):
    • A/A: 44.1 kHz (1.64), 48 kHz (1.51), 88.2 kHz (1.28), 96 kHz (1.18)
    • D/D: 44.1 kHz (1.23), 48 kHz (1.12), 88.2 kHz (1.15), 96 kHz (1.07)
  • Synchronization: TTL Word Clock Input, 75 Ohm, BNC
  • Clock Jitter:
    • Intrinsic: Exceeds AES3 Amendment 1
    • Jitter Gain: Exceeds AES3 Amendment 1
  • Control Interfaces: MIDI, In/Out/Thru
  • Algorithms:
    • Chamber (Surround, Stereo and Mono)
    • Random Delay (Surround, Stereo and Mono)
    • Random Hall (Surround, Stereo and Mono)
    • Plate (Surround, Stereo and Mono)
    • Dual Delay (Surround, Stereo and Mono)
    • Resonant Chords (Surround, Stereo and Mono)
    • Chorus/Flange (Surround, Stereo and Mono)
    • Concert Hall (Surround, Stereo and Mono)
    • Room (Surround, Stereo and Mono)
    • Hall (Surround, Stereo and Mono)
    • Pitch Shift
    • Signal Generator
  • Machine Configurations (44.1K ? 96K):
    • Single Stereo (Mono In)
    • Single Stereo
    • Dual Stereo (Mono In)
    • Dual Stereo
    • Cascade Stereo
    • Dual Mono
    • Quad Mono
    • Cascade Mono
    • Dual Mono + Single Stereo
    • Cascade Mono to Stereo
    • Single Two In Four Out
    • Single Four In Four Out
    • Single Two In Five Out
    • Single Five In Five Out
    • Single Six In Six Out
  • Internal Hard Disk Storage: Internal non-volatile Flash. Can hold 1024 user presets.
  • Power:
    • Requirements: 100-120 / 220-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 26W max
    • Connector: 3-pin IEC
  • Dimensions:
    • Rack Units: 1U
    • Size: 19.0” W x 1.75” H x 16” D, (483mm x 44.5mm x 317.5mm)
    • Weight: 14.25 lbs.

Lexicon PCM96 SUR-D Effects Processor Includes

  • PCM96 SUR-D Effects Processor
  • Power Cord
  • Owner's Manual
  • Lexicon Warranty Card
  • 1 Year Warranty

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