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Grace Design m801 8-Channel Microphone Preamp

Grace Design m801
Grace Design m801
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Grace Design m801 8-Channel Microphone Preamp

Grace Design m801 8-Channel Microphone Preamp is a powerful stroke of the brush in opening the character of a recording project. Unparalleled depth, a sweet and clean character, and exciting transfer of performance, makes the m801 a multi-channel microphone preamplifier worthy of the Grace Design name.

The Grace Design m801 8-Channel Microphone Preamplifier was slightly ahead of its time when it was introduced in 1995. But as digital audio workstations soon flooded the industry, an accompanying high performance 8 channel mic preamplifier suddenly made perfect sense. So the model 801 quickly became an industry standard, which remains inimitable and unsurpassed.

Many years later, with a nearly flawless service record and an endless supply of critical acclaim, the model 801 gets a much deserved update, including an updated audio path, a new chassis forged of stainless steel and a slightly new name: the m801.

First and foremost, the new m801 delivers unmatched audio performance - with massive headroom (Does the "m" in m801 stand for "massive"? You decide) and ultra-wide bandwidth which contribute to a markedly open, musical character. The m801 is designed to effortlessly resolve even the lowest level ambient information, resulting in a sonic picture of astonishing clarity and detail, which serves to capture the essential character of the music being recorded.

The m801's signal path has been hot-rodded to be fully balanced from start to finish, resulting in wider dynamic range, while new higher current output drivers enable even longer cable runs without signal loss.

Now included on each channel is a dedicated ribbon microphone switch, which shifts the preamplifier's entire gain range up 10dB, while deactivating 48V phantom power, optimizing input impedance and bypassing the decoupling capacitors. And, Grace added an additional set of 8 channel balanced outputs for sending signals to a secondary recorder, workstation or console.

Each channel offers 48V phantom, phase reverse and a 20dB pad. Gain controls are our finest 24 position gold contact rotary switches, wired with 1% metal film resistors for maximum audio performance and perfect resetability. All components, active and passive, are selected for pure audio performance and long term reliability. No corners are cut and no compromises are made.

While its predecessor now takes its place in pro audio history, the new m801 faithfully furthers the tradition of breathtaking audio performance and perfect reliability in a beautiful, functional 8 channel package.

Grace Design m801 8-Channel Microphone Preamp Features

  • fully balanced, transformerless design
  • all new, higher-current outputs drive even longer cable runs
  • ribbon mic mode switch on each channel
  • fast, musical transimpedance amplifier architecture
  • precision 24 position gold contact rotary switch gain controls
  • 48V phantom power, 20 dB pad and phase reverse
  • no electrolytic capacitors in the signal path
  • sealed gold contact relays for all signal switching
  • all electrical and mechanical design elements maximized for absolute purist, audiophile
  • performance
  • large two color LED peak indicator
  • regulated linear power supply with custom wound toroidal transformer
  • highest quality metal film resistors used throughout
  • five year transferable warranty on parts and labor

Grace Design m801 8-Channel Microphone Preamp Specifications

    • @ 40dB gain 3dB 50Ω source: 4.5Hz-350KHz
    • @ 40dB gain 0.2dB 50Ω source: 18Hz-65KHz
  • THD+N
    • @ 20dB gain +20dBu out, 1kHz: <.0008%
    • @ 40dB gain +20dBu out, 1kHz: <.0009%
    • @ 60dB gain +20dBu out, 1kHz: <.0070%
    • @40dB gain +20dBu out
    • SMPTE/DIN 1:1 (50Hz, 7kHz): <.0020%
    • SMPTE/DIN 4:1 (50Hz, 7kHz): <.0030%
    • @60dB gain 50Ω source: -130dB
    • @60dB gain 150Ω source: -127dB
    • @60dB gain 600Ω source: -123dB
    • 100-20KHz @40dB gain: <3
    • Any Channel @40dB gain 1kHz: -140dB
    • Any Channel @40dB gain 10kHz: -130dB
  • CMRR
    • @60dB gain, 3.5Vcm, 1KHz: >70dB
    • @60dB gain, 3.5Vcm, 10KHz: >70dB
    • Voltage +48V: +0.9/ -0.0
    • 6.8kΩ resistor match tolerance: +/- 0.1%
    • 1kHz, 100KΩ load: +28dBu
    • Input: 8100Ω
    • Input, ribbon mode: 20KΩ
    • Output: 190Ω
    • Weight: 15lbs (6.8kg)
    • Height: 2U
    • Width: 19
    • Depth: 10
      • 100-240VAC 50/60Hz: 60 Watts max
      • Weight: 6.25lbs (2.8kg)
      • Height: 1.7
      • Width: 8.5
      • Depth: 8.5

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What We Think - Grace Design m801 Review

"The Grace Design m801 has been a mainstay 8-Channel microphone preamplifier for the discriminating recordist for over 15 years and counting. It's sound errs on the clean side of things, but it's important to note that Grace Design preamps are certainly not boring. There is a real life and sweetness to what you get in the end. When recording, the goal is obviously to assemble the best sounding tracks that you can that gel together without much fuss when it comes time to mix. This is something that the m801 accels at beautifully. The m801 is right at home for the recording of classical music. Combine with some Sennheiser MKH-series microphones and you're well on your way. And if you love ribbon microphones, the m801 features a Ribbon Mode that sets the nominal input impedance to 20 kOhms, effectively providing the proper environment for ribbon microphone signal to open up and breathe within, while providing the additional benefit of increased level that ribbons will often need. Again, this is a wholly sweet sounding preamp whose use shouldn't be limited to 'precious' musical styles. While it's not another Neve clone, it's a clean-character preamp that can unveil the true character of a drum kit that a professional drummer may have honed over many years - why gum that up with a 'thick' preamp? We feel that this is a tool worth serious consideration if you're after the kind of quality of build and sound that Grace Design has become synonymous with over the years."
Alan Moon - Front End Audio

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