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EQs - Front End Audio sells EQs such as Universal Audio, Alesis, A Designs, ALTO, Aphex, APEX, ART, Avalon, Chameleon Labs, Cranesong, Daking, DBX, Drawmer, EAR, Focusrite, Great River, Joemeek, Mackie, Phoenix Audio , PreSonus, Rupert Neve, Samson, Speck Electronics, SPL, Studio Projects, Summit Audio, SSL, Solid State Logic, Tapco, TL Audio, Toft, Wharfedale and more! We offer EQs for all vocal, instrument, studio recording, home recording and live audio applications!! We have a large assortment of Single Channel, Dual Channel, Multi Channel, Tube, Valve, and Class A Equalizers.

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Kush Clariphonic Kush Clariphonic Equalizer

The Kush Clariphonic Parallel Stereo Equalizer is a fiendishly clever new approach to high frequency equalization, designed from the ground up with six parallel signal paths that produce the kind of air, clarity, and presence previously found only in very old, very expensive analog equalizers.

List Price: $1,749.00
Our Price: $1,599.00
A Designs HAMMER 2 A Designs HAMMER 2 Three-Band Dual Mono Tube/Hybrid Equalizer

A Designs HM2EQ HAMMER Dual Mono Three Band Tube EQ, a dual mono, 3-band EQ loaded with a warm, musical, and highly transparent sound with a clean, airy high end.

List Price: $2,795.00
Our Price: $2,495.00

Manley Massive Passive Manley Massive Passive Stereo Tube EQ

The Manley Massive Passive Stereo Tube EQ, incorporates the best strengths of Pultecs, choice console EQs, parametrics, and graphics!

List Price: $5,600.00
Our Price: $5,040.00
DW Fearn VT-5 DW Fearn VT-5 Stereo Equalizer

The DW Fearn VT-5 Stereo Equalizer is a dual-channel version of their acclaimed VT-4 LC Equalizer. The frequencies, steps, curves, etc. are exactly the same. The VT-5 is a true stereo equalizer, with one set of controls that work on both channels simultaneously.

List Price: $9,150.00
Our Price: $9,150.00
Retro 2A3 Retro 2A3 Dual Program EQ

The Retro 2A3 Dual Program EQ is designed as an ultra High-Fidelity Program Equalizer, utilizing pure passive Capacitor - Inductor based equalization. The Retro Instruments 2A3 is a stereo eq whose sonic benefits go well beyond the equalization process.

List Price: $4,555.00
Our Price: $3,750.00
A Designs EM-EQ2 A Designs EM-EQ2 Dual Channel EQ

A Designs EM-EQ2 Dual Channel EQ is a new, two-channel rackmount version of A Designs Pultec-style EM-PEQ 500 Series equalizer module. Eminently suited for tracking, mixing, or mastering, this dual-mono equalizer is fully balanced, delivers noise-free performance and has modern impedance specs.

List Price: $2,795.00
Our Price: $2,495.00
Chandler Limited TG12345 Chandler Limited Curve Bender EQ

Chandler Limited TG12345 Curve Bender EQ, a recreation of the original EMI TG12345 used at Abbey Road Studios during the 60's and 70's.

List Price: $5,590.00
Our Price: $5,590.00
Thermionic Culture Pullet Thermionic Culture Pullet Passive Equalizer

The Thermionic Culture Pullet Passive Equalizer, can produce some radical EQ curves, but the passive nature of the EQ will always allow the results to sound as natural as possible.

List Price: $2,099.00
Our Price: $2,099.00
Sale Price: $1,699.00
Millennia NSEQ-2 Millennia NSEQ-2 Twin Topology Stereo Parametric Equalizer

Millennia NSEQ-2 Two-Channel Equalizer

List Price: $4,605.00
Our Price: $4,144.99

Thermionic Culture Swift Thermionic Culture Swift Stereo Equaliser

The Thermionic Culture Swift is a superb Stereo Equalizer using a combination of USA and European made tubes that is designed for individual instruments and tracks.

List Price: $3,999.00
Our Price: $3,999.00
Sale Price: $3,399.00