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Compressors & Limiters - Front End Audio sells audio compressors and limiters such as Universal Audio, Rupert Neve, A-Designs, ADK, Alesis, ALTO, Avalon, Daking, Digidesign, Cranesong, DBX, Aphex, APEX, ART, Chameleon Labs, Drawmer, EAR, Focusrite, Joemeek, Mackie, M-Audio, PreSonus, RME, Roll Music, Samson, Sonifex, SSL, Solid State Logic, SM Pro Audio, SPL, Summit Audio, TL Audio, Toft and more! We offer compressors and limiters for all vocal, instrument, studio recording, home recording and live audio applications!! We have a large assortment of Single Channel, Dual Channel, Multi Channel, Tube, Valve, and Class A compressors and limiters.

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Rockruepel COMP.TWO Rockruepel COMP.TWO Mastering Bus Compressor

The Rockruepel COMP.TWO Mastering Bus Compressor is quite possibly the BEST and FINEST sounding compressor you'll ever lay ears on. A tall claim? We don't think so. It's also one of the most flexible compressors you'll ever use. The COMP.TWO is an All-Tube, Ultra-Fast, Remote-Cutoff (Variable Mu), Stereo / Dual-Mono Compressor, handmade in Germany, and available exclusively in North America by Front End Audio. We dare you to find out for yourself!

List Price: $5,749.00
Our Price: $5,499.00

Rockruepel LIMIT.ONE Rockruepel LIMIT.ONE Mastering Limiter

The Rockruepel LIMIT.ONE Mastering Limiter blazes a new path to offer a better way to accomplish a very necessary function in a territory almost completely left alone to one other device. The LIMIT.ONE is a neo-classic transformer based analog limiter! Brick-wall limiting, level control for mono or stereo tracks and new sound shaping possibilities - all in one box!

List Price: $3,899.00
Our Price: $3,599.00
Manley Variable MU Manley Variable MU Compressor

The Manley Variable MU Compressor is one of the very few compressors that has become a real standard in recording studios and contributed to most hit records over the last decade and probably the next!

List Price: $4,400.00
Our Price: $3,960.00

Summit Audio DCL-200 Summit Audio DCL-200 Tube Compressor

The Summit Audio DCL-200 Tube Compressor is a dual channel compressor/limiter with stereo linking capabilities. Based on a hybrid design, the DCL-200 combines the most desirable sonic characteristics of vacuum tubes with the increased reliability of solid state devices, giving you an incredibly clean, precise sound, with the overtones and warmth of tube technology.

List Price: $3,699.00
Our Price: $3,199.00
Manley Nu Mu Manley Nu Mu Compressor

The Manley Nu Mu Compressor builds upon the legacy of the Variable Mu, combining the T-Bar vacuum tube front end used in the Variable Mu with a new discrete FET output stage. This marriage of tubes and solid-state electronics gives the Nu Mu a remarkable tonal character which will always make it a hit in the studio! Choose the Manley Nu Mu for the smoothest in dynamics action coupled together with the punchiest sonic path design, going.

List Price: $2,800.00
Our Price: $2,520.00
SPL IRON SPL IRON Mastering Compressor

The SPL IRON Mastering Compressor is a completely new and unique Mastering Compressor crafted by SPL designer Wolfgang Neumann, featuring a tube architecture and a Vari-Mu-operational principle, built atop SPL's now-famous 120 Volt Rail technology found in their best offerings.

List Price: $5,999.00
Our Price: $5,999.00
Pendulum Audio ES-8 Pendulum Audio ES-8 Limiter

The Pendulum Audio ES-8 Limiter is a modern two channel limiter designed to have the compression characteristics of a vintage unit, but with a higher level of sonic accuracy.

List Price: $4,000.00
Our Price: $3,500.00
Pendulum Audio PL-2 Pendulum Audio PL-2 Peak Limiter

Pendulum Audio PL-2 Analog Peak Limiter

List Price: $2,600.00
Our Price: $2,450.00

Pendulum Audio OCL-2 Pendulum Audio OCL-2 Compressor

The Pendulum Audio OCL-2 Compressor is a two channel electro-optical compressor/limiter designed for the utmost in transparency, detail and versatility.

List Price: $3,200.00
Our Price: $2,900.00
Retro Revolver Retro Revolver Tube Compressor

The Retro Revolver Tube Compressor is a 2-Channel Compressor based on the sound of the British Invasion. It's a vintage yet modern sound of iconic records still relevant and popular today.

List Price: $3,695.00
Our Price: $2,995.00