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Drum Machines - Front End Audio sells instruments such as Keyboards, Drum Machines, Amplifiers for your Pro Audio needs.
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Alesis SR-16 Alesis SR16 Stand Alone Drum Machine

Alesis SR16 Stand Alone Drum Machine delivers the comprehensive MIDI programming and implementation for serious programmers. Featuring 50 preset rhythm patterns, and 50 user drum kits, this sound module lets you make the most out of it.

List Price: $269.00
Our Price: 149.00
Alesis SR18 Alesis SR18 Drum Machine

Alesis SR18 Drum Machine is loaded with cutting-edge drum kits, electronic drums, hits, and up-to-date percussion sounds for any modern drummer. From hip-hop to country and everything in-between, the SR18 has got you covered.

List Price: $399.00
Our Price: 259.00
AKAI XR20 AKAI XR20 Beat Production Station

AKAI XR20 Beat Production Station includes a fresh sound library thatís designed for making hip-hop and R&B wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. Over 700 sounds cover standard and electronic drums, one-shot hits, bass, and synth sounds. It features reverb, EQ, and compression for producers.

List Price: $499.00
Our Price: 299.00
Alesis Pro X Alesis Pro X Hi-Hat Controller For DM10/DM8

Alesis Pro X Hi-Hat Controller is a dual-cymbal, continuous hi-hat controller that brings the natural hi-hat playability and feel to Alesis DM10 and DM8 drummers everywhere, integrating seamlessly with and expands the expressive capabilities of DM10 and DM8, the popular electronic instruments.

List Price: $199.00
Our Price: 99.00

Novation Circuit Novation Circuit Groove Drum Machine

The Novation Circuit, the inspirational grid-based groove box is designed to inspire.Play around with effects, patterns and sounds in real time, to produce your track, brimming with fat grooves and beats.

List Price: $449.99
Our Price: $329.99
Sale Price: 299.99
Boss DR-3 Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm Rhythm Machine

The Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm Rhythm Machine is an ultra-affordable drum machine which includes some of BOSSí best acoustic and electronic drum kits and a selection of bass sounds.

List Price: $308.50
Our Price: 189.00
Boss DR-880 Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm Rhythm Machine

The Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm Rhythm Machine is a rhythm-programming powerhouse thatís loaded with world-class drum, percussion, and bass sounds from Rolandís famous SRX library.

List Price: $759.00
Our Price: 499.00
Roland RMP-12 Roland RMP-12 Rhythm Coach Drum Pad

The Roland RMP-12 Rhythm Coach is a  revolutionary instrument for marching percussion that brings an exciting new dimension of portable sound and expression.

List Price: $819.00
Our Price: 599.00
Roland RMP-5 Roland RMP-5 Rhythm Coach

The Roland RMP-5 Rhythm Coach has a great-feeling, tunable mesh drumhead, and a convenient one-piece molded body with integrated pad and brain.

List Price: $279.00
Our Price: 199.00

Roland SPD-SX Roland SPD-SX Sampling Percussion Pad

Roland SPD-SX Sampling Percussion Pad puts powerful sample creation and playback under your sticks with innovative audio-capturing features, expressive playability, three multi effects engines, and much more.

List Price: $999.00
Our Price: 799.00