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Crown PZM-30D Boundary Surface Microphone

Crown PZM-30D
Crown PZM-30D
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Crown PZM-30D Boundary Surface Microphone

The Crown PZM-30D Boundary Surface Microphone

The Crown PZM30 D is a Pressure Zone Microphone designed for professional recording, sound reinforcement and broadcasting. It has many applications, from miking full orchestras or individual musical instruments to security or teleconferencing. The PZM30 D has a switchable dual frequency response: rising (R) or flat (F). The “rising” position adds brilliance. This makes it useful wherever a crisp attack is desired, such as on percussion, drums, or piano. The user can get a bright sound without boosting high frequencies on the recording console; the result is lower noise. The “flat” position provides a smooth, flat, high-frequency response for natural sound reproduction.

These sturdy microphones are especially reliable because they can be used with a rugged detachable cable. The output is a male 3-pin XLR-type, balanced and low impedance, which permits long cable runs without hum pickup or high-frequency loss.

Like other Pressure Zone Microphones, the PZM30 D utilizes the Pressure Recording Process in which a miniature condenser microphone capsule is positioned very close to a sound-reflecting plate or boundary. The capsule is mounted in the “Pressure Zone” just above the boundary, a region where sound coming directly from the sound source combines in phase with sound reflected off the boundary. The benefits are a wide, smooth frequency response free of phase interference, excellent clarity and “reach,” a hemispherical polar pattern, and uncolored off-axis response.

Operating Instructions

The PZM30 D features self-contained electronics which allows it to plug directly into a standard 12-48 VDC phantom power supply. AKG/Crown also makes an Battery-powered model B48L to supply condenser microphones with P48 phantom power.

Also, for special applications you can make your own battery supply on the reverse side of the mic.

Crown PZM-30D Boundary Surface Microphone Features

  • Hemispherical polar pattern - for intelligible pickup of sound from any direction
  • PZM (Pressure Zone Microphone) technology - prevents sound coloration from surface reflections
  • Switchable dual-frequency response - for greater flexibility in mic placement and sonic character
  • Rugged, low-profile housing - withstands the rigors of the stage
  • Detachable XLR cable Connector - easy to install and service

Crown PZM-30D Boundary Surface Microphone Specifications

  • General
    • Audio frequency bandwidth 20 to 20000 Hz
    • Sensitivity 7 mV/Pa
    • Signal to Noise 74 dB-A
  • Powering Interface
    • Voltage 12 to 48 V
  • Audio Output
    • Type Balanced XLR
    • Gender Male
    • Contacts 3-pin
  • Design
    • Finish black
  • Dimensions / Weight
    • Length 152 mm
    • Width 127 mm
    • Height 19 mm

Crown PZM-30D Boundary Surface Microphone Includes

  • PZM-30D Boundary Surface Microphone
  • Windscreen
  • Microphone Pouch
  • User Guide / Owners Manual
  • 3-year Manufacturer Warranty

Crown PZM-30D Boundary Surface Microphone Downloads

What We Think

The Crown PZM-30D is one of my favorite microphones to have in the studio toolkit. Why? It's really versatile and doesn't get in anyone's way. In a more traditional studio, taping this PZM to the control room window produces one of the best drum room sounds you can imagine. Trying to record piano in the midst of an orchestra or a loud band performance on stage? Tape the PZM under the inside of the lid about dead-center and facing the hammers; done. Recording brass and Woodwinds and need to capture the "glue" to help blend the close mics on them together? The PZM taped to plexi gobos will get you covered. These mics are excellent at picking up the sound of the studio and the stage. They're a must have in the realm of musical theatre and can really help in a number of other ways to bring fantastic acoustic performances to life in your recordings. I cannot recommend this microphone highly enough.
Alan Moon - Front End Audio

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Love PZM's May 3, 2014
Reviewer: Nick from Australia  
As long-time user of PZM's (the inexpensive RadioShack Realistic variety), I wanted to get a "real" (pun intended) one, i.e. the Crown that the RSR was modeled after.

It doesn't disappoint, especially as it has the "rising" (top-end boost) switch... I use it on high-hats, utilizing it's natural bass rejection (when not mounted on a largish flat surface).

I also use it whenever I don't want out-of-phase sound (PZM design is such that there is no phase-cancellation).  Great for capturing audio that sounds just like the human ear perceives it.  Fantastic for sample and environmental recording.

The only issue I have is that the plate is made from some kind of ABS-type plastic, whereas my good ol' RSR models were solid steel... a sign of the times, I'm afraid.  One star less for this!

Otherwise, highly recommended

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