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CAD GXL3000SSP Stereo Studio Pack

CAD GXL3000 Studio Pack Stereo
CAD GXL3000 Studio Pack Stereo
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Availability: Discontinued
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CAD GXL3000 Stereo Studio Pack

CAD GXL3000 Studio Pack Stereo (1 - GXL3000, 2 - GXL1200, 1 - EPF-15A Pop Filter)

CAD GXL3000 Stereo Studio Pack
The CAD GXL-3000 Studio Stereo Pack is a convenient and complete microphone solution for project studio recording. The Studio Pack includes the GXL-3000 large diaphragm multi-pattern condenser microphone, two GXL-1200 small diaphragm cardioid condenser microphones and EPF-15A pop filter.

The GXL-3000 multi-pattern condenser microphone is designed for capturing vocals and general instruments in project and professional studio recording applications. The multi-pattern design provides the flexibility needed to capture audio in any scenario. The cardioid pattern rejects off-axis audio and noise, the omni-directional pattern provides a more generous pick up area at the front of the capsule, and the figure-8 pattern provides a uniform response at both sides of the diaphragm.

The GXL-1200 is a small diaphragm condenser microphone with a cardioid pattern, also effective in minimizing noise, ambiance and feedback. The high SPL handling enables excessively loud audio signals to be reproduced without noise or distortion. The GLX-1200 is housed in a slim profile, rugged enclosure ideal for spot capturing vocals and instruments such as guitar, strings, wood winds, overheads, cymbals, percussion and more.