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Beyerdynamic M160 Ribbon Microphone

Beyerdynamic M160
Beyerdynamic M 160
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Beyerdynamic M160 Ribbon Microphone

Beyerdynamic M 160 Dynamic Hypercardioid Double Ribbon Microphone for all types of remote and in-studio voice reproduction.

Beyerdynamic M160 Ribbon Microphone Details

Beyerdynamic M160 is a classic ribbon microphone, spoting a dynamic double ribbon element. Featuring a hypercardioid polar pattern with a noise attenuation of 25 dB at 110-degrees, the M160 is an outstanding microphone which is very effective for all types of remote and in-studio voice reproduction. In the recording studio, the M160 is recommended for miking string instruments such as violins, violas, cellos and for pianos, saxophones as well as for hi-hat and toms. The non-glare black surface of the M160 and its small dimensions allow the unobtrusive use in TV or film studios. In conjunction with the M130 dynamic double ribbon microphone the M160 is ideal for stereo recordings in MS technique.

Beyerdynamic M160 Ribbon Microphone Features

  • Unique double ribbon microphone transducer
  • Hypercardioid polar pattern
  • Extended frequency response
  • Excellent transparency and transient response
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Warm and natural sound

Beyerdynamic M160 Ribbon Microphone Specifications

  • Transducer type: Dynamic
  • Operating principle: Pressure gradient
  • Frequency response (distant miking): 40 - 18,000 Hz
  • Polar pattern: Hypercardioid
  • Side attenuation: > 25 dB at 110-degrees
  • Open circuit voltage at 1 kHz (0dB = 1V/Pa): 1.0 mV/Pa ,¡?? -60 dBV
  • Nominal impedance: 200 Ohms
  • Load impedance: Greater than or equal to 1000 Ohms
  • Diaphragm: Pure aluminium
  • Case/finish: Brass
  • Connector: 3-pin XLR male
  • Length: 156 mm
  • Shaft diameter: 23 mm
  • Head diameter: 38 mm
  • Weight without cable: 156 g


Instrumental miking such as saxophone, Miking of drums (toms, hi-hat)

Beyerdynamic M160 Ribbon Microphone Downloads

What We Think - Beyerdynamic M160 Review

"The Beyerdynamic M160 is one of the indisputable legendary ribbon microphones of the classic rock era. Andy Johns made it famous when he ran a pair of these pointed down a hallway, through a pair of 1176 compressors and a Binson Echorec to capture John Bonham's kit for 'When The Levy Breaks'. It's also a rather famous microphone on guitar amps. I've found that the M160 is a little more forgiving due to it's more tamed low-frequency response than most 'big-ribbon' ribbon mics. Therefore, it works pretty well when pointed at an acoustic guitar if you're after what is reminiscent of a 'Stones' acoustic sound. It's one of those perfect microphones for helping digital to sound less-so by capturing the source with a little less zing - while retaining a very nice depth. The M160 is also really good for eliminating 'tiz' and that sizzly top end on guitar amps while keeping the sound less "huge" and fitting in the mix with a really nice frequency balance. In fact, the Beyer M160 has become one of my preferred electric guitar mics. This little mic certainly knows a thing or two about rock and roll, and can work wonders for a number of other instruments than just guitar and drums and other styles of music as well. And the M160 will definitely work wonders on horns and on strings. Give it a shot. It's really one of those microphones that you really just have to have one or two of if you're serious about your mic locker."

Alan Moon - Front End Audio

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Wow... October 19, 2017
Reviewer: Chuck Hutcheson from McRae, GA United States  
If you are a sax player and want a contemporary sound, this is the mic to have. Not to mention how well it works on so many other sources - guitar cabs, percussion, drum overheads, certain acoustic instruments, you name it. Seriously, I did some tracking on my tenor sax (I'm a somewhat gritty and forward player) and didn't need to compress or EQ at all, as the track just sat in the mix and sounded "professional". Running through a good pre always helps, as I run through an AEA ribbon preamp. I've used it this mic on vocals, individual snare drum, and other sources, and it just works well. I would have no problem purchasing this mic for a good mic locker, and am seriously considering getting another.

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New favorite mic July 19, 2011
Reviewer: Stephen Trageser from Murfreesboro, TN United States (Bucket City, USA)  
Solid choice for drum overheads where you need that softer ribbon character but don't want them too dark. With the right preamp, has excellent focus without being clinical.

Haven't used on guitar cab myself, but very impressed with others' results for that application.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Satisfied customer February 6, 2011
Reviewer: Jim Tollefsrud from Minneapolis, MN United States  
Eddie Kramer knows his stuff.  Solid lows, punchy mids, handles spl's a foot off a Marshall cab very nicely for a ribbon.  Wonderful as an OH or room mic.  Likely will get another soon.

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