*** Clips are to only be used by customers of Front End Audio for demonstration
purposes and are not to be linked, hosted or used for any other purpose ***


Why We Do It

At Front End Audio we work hard to be able to provide info to you, the end user, before the purchase so you don't have to waste time and money buying and selling gear that doesn't fit your needs. We're not always as low priced as anonymous sellers who don't have a way to offer service and advice to you. Let's face it; it costs us money to do what we do. When making a purchase decision, please consider the countless hours spent away from our families so that you can spend more time with yours.

The investment in time, money and sweat is far more than that single mouse click it takes the end-user to hear the results. I hope that is worth it to us both.

These tests and clips are provided for Front End Audio customers to help in the final decision making process of buying gear from Front End Audio . Sound clips are not to be downloaded and used for any other purpose without permission. By entering this site and the pages contained within, you agree to abid by the rules.

What We Do

On a regular basis our group meets on Tuesday night after hours (hence our name!) to constantly update our own experiences with gear and understand everything's place in the studio. When possible we record clips that we can share with you to make purchases with us that you can feel confident are the right choices. We plan them out from the end-user's perspective: what would I need to hear or know to figure out if ____ is right for me?

Most tests take about 40+ man hours to complete; all performances are recorded during the same session for maximum repeatability.

How We Do It

We create or use our own songs to avoid any copyright issues etc. Everybody is involved in setup and tear down, but a typical night's work would be one or more of us playing instruments while the rest are shuffling gear, cables and mics around as quickly as possible to capture that next take for you to hear. Careful planning is involved to be sure that the maximum information is delivered to you before the sale.

Where We Do It

We have a demo studio located within our 5,000 sq ft building in Columbia , South Carolina USA .  It is our private / for hire studio. You can check out some studio pics in the ABOUT US section of this site.

Who We Are

Front End Audio's Tuesday Testers group is made up of anybody who works here who can attend our sessions, but our core group is Alan Moon (studio sales), Dave Alewine (live sales), Gerald Collison (site admin), and Ryan Ferris (intern and all around FEA friend). Everybody here has past and current experience in the studio, and most have home studios or work in local studios as another gig. You can check out who we are in our ABOUT US section of this site.

Having said all that, listening to clips on the internet doesn't tell the whole story about a piece of gear, so we're here to work through things with you and get you taken care of. Just because a particular piece of gear we sell isn't included in a test doesn't mean we can't give you a perspective on its usefulness! Not everything can be tested all the time. You can contact us via email anytime or phone Monday to Friday, 10AM to 6PM Eastern Standard Time.

So you've heard the gear, now see it!
At Front End Audio we also shoot product videos on site.
To make your purchase experience even easier and more informed, we work hard before the sale to provide product videos of much of the gear we sell. Check out our video page to learn more about microphones, outboard gear, and more!