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ADK T-FET Microphone

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ADK T-FET Microphone

Rarely do we get the opportunity to offer the ADK T-FET at such a great price. So why the deal? Well, ADK found a handful of slightly blemished cases in their warehouse and rather than tossing them out, they decided to put BRAND NEW microphones in them and offer them to Front End Audio customers at a RIDICULOUS price! We only have a handful available so once they are gone... this sale ends.

The ADK T-FET Microphone is an absolutely fantastic microphone designed and manufactured buy some of the best ears in the industry. Just read the reviews! If you haven't heard one, well now is your opportunity at a price I doubt we will ever see again. Already have one? Then now is your opportunity to grab another. These mics are brand new and come with a full warranty. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these mics except for some minor blemishes on the case. Common it's just a case, who cares at this price!

The ADK T-FET comes in 1 of 5 configurations. Need help deciding which is right for you? Here is a little about each configuration to help you decide:

Want a finished recorded sound where little to no EQ or compression is used in the mix? If so, this is the mic you need. Based on the legendary 251 microphone which has been known to sell for up to $30,000. Known for itís amazingly sweet top end, the T-251 is a special kind of microphone that brings your tracks to life in a way that only the original can. For a tenth of the price you can now have this legendary sound in your studio.

Are you looking for a microphone that captures the rawness and warmth of your sounds without a single bit of harshness or sibilance? If so, this is the mic for you. Based on the classic M49 microphone which has been used on countless albums over the last 65 years. Known for itís amazingly smooth top end, the T-49 is a unique microphone that warms your tracks in a way that only the original can but at a price you can afford.

Looking for an in your face but still smooth sound for your recordings? If so, this is the mic youíve been looking for. Based on the legendary C12 microphone which is incredibly rare due to the small number of originals made. Known for itís brilliant top end and crystal clear sound, the T-12 is a microphone of epic proportions making it the most detailed microphone in the T-mod line. For a tenth of the price you can now have this brilliant sound in your studio and on your recordings.

Do you want a versatile microphone that will work on almost any source you put in front of it? If so, this is the mic you canít live without. Based on the versatile U67 microphone which has been the go to mic for musicians and engineers since 1960. Known for itís ability to work exceptionally well on pretty much any sound, the T-67 is a flexible microphone that no studio should be without. When you can only have one quality microphone, this is the way to go.

Are you searching for that elusive warmth of yesteryear? If so, no other mic will do. Legends are made by quality and rarity and the U47 is no exception. Original 47ís had a high noise floor and itís tubes were discontinued in the late 1950ís, yet it is still one of the most sought after microphones in the world. Known for itís smooth, classic sound, the T-47 is a legend in itís own right. Now for a fraction of the price and with no noise or fear of blowing the original tubes, you can bring the sound of ultimate microphone to your own studio.

ADK T-FET Microphone Build Quality

All ADK T-FET Microphones are manufactured in the 3 Zigma Aerospace Manufacturing facility with British Oxford Transformer, and premium quality Low-Noise 3 Zigma capsules with Vintage Voicing Curves. The audiophile circuitry differs from lesser-designs in that it is designed for Soft-Saturation at extremely high SPL as instead of going into the "crunch" and unpleasant distortion (not the good kind of distortion!) of hard-clipping.

ADK T-FET Microphone Includes

  • Premium Aluminum Flight Case (SLIGHTLY BLEMISHED)
  • Shock Mount
  • Ring Mount
  • Foam Windscreen
  • Pop Filter
  • Award-Winning Accusound XLR Cable

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