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Audio Converters and Clocks- Front End Audio sells audio converters and clocking devices such a Audio Converters and Clocking Devices such a Aphex, Cranesong, Creamware, C-Mexx, D-Mexx, Drawmer, E-Mu, Genelec, Lucid, Lynx, PreSonus, RME, Samson, SSL, SM Pro Audio, Sonifex, M-Audio and more! We offer converters and clocking devices for all studio recording, home recording and live audio applications!! We have a large assortment of A/D, D/A, AD D/A, and Format Converters.

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Antelope Orion Studio Antelope Orion Studio Audio Interface

The Antelope Orion Studio is a complete high-resolution studio in a single rackspace!  12 x Class-A microphone preamps, 2 x Re-amp Outputs, 2 x Monitor Outputs, 16 channels of I/O over ADAT, 16 line outs over DB25 (perfect for connecting to mixers or summing amps), and handles 32 channels at 192 kHz I/O via Thunderbolt or 24 channels at 192 kHz via USB - all benefiting from Antelope Audio's famous AD/DA conversion and clocking. Combine that with the included Antelope Synergy Bundle (PreSonus Studio One Artist and a suite of plugins and instruments from OverLoud) and over 20 RealTime FX built-in to the Orion Studio, and it's easy to see that the Orion Studio delivers the ultimate in flexibility and sonic integrity to a demanding new generation of recording engineers and musicians.

List Price: $2,795.00
Our Price: $2,095.00
Antelope Orion Studio Rev.2017 Antelope Orion Studio Rev.2017 Audio Interface

The Antelope Orion Studio Rev.2017 Audio Interface comes loaded with new features and enhancements, taking this high class interface to a new level. Loaded with 12 Class-A pre amps. updated converters, DSP processing, and more - the Orion Studio Rev.2017 will excel, whether in a home or pro studio.

List Price: $2,595.00
Our Price: $2,595.00
Antelope Orion32 HD Antelope Orion 32 HD AD/DA Interface

The Antelope Orion32 HD AD/DA Interface delivers 64 channels of Antelope's legendary and stunning audio quality for Pro Tools HDX or via USB3. The Orion32 HD is compatible with any DAW on the market, making it an excellent choice for users of both Pro Tools and Native DAW rigs. Be compatible no matter where you go, or what system you're using!

List Price: $3,595.00
Our Price: $3,595.00
Antelope Orion 32+ Antelope Orion 32+ AD/DA Converter

Now with the Antelope Orion 32+ AD/DA Converter, artists and recording engineers have nothing standing in-between their musical vision and pure, authentic sonic integrity.

List Price: $3,495.00
Our Price: $2,995.00
RME ADI-2 Pro RME ADI-2 Pro AD/DA Converter

The RME ADI-2 Pro AD/DA Converter offers the best footprint to feature ratio, providing a host of devices all put together into one unit. The ADi-2 Pro functions in a simple and mostly automated way of using it right out of the box, with a crystal clear and transparent sound signature.

List Price: $2,299.00
Our Price: $1,999.00
Antelope Orion 32 Antelope Orion 32 AD/DA Converter

The Antelope Orion 32 AD/DA Converter is a versatile multi-channel AD/DA converter and USB interface offering low latency USB on Mac and PC, exceptional routing & mixing flexibility, and Antelope clocking for increased sonic accuracy, all in a 1 RU frame.

List Price: $2,795.00
Our Price: $2,795.00

PreSonus DigiMax DP88 PreSonus DigiMax DP88 Converter Expansion

The Presonus DigiMax DP88 A/D/D/A converter is the perfect companion to expand the new PreSonusStudio 192 Studio Command Center or any professional audio interface with ADAT I/O.

List Price: $899.95
Our Price: $699.95

Antelope Orion Studio HD Antelope Orion Studio HD Audio Interface

The Antelope Orion Studio HD utilizes the same converters as the Orion Studio Rev. 2017, features Antelope's DSP (FPGA) real-time FX, USB3.0 and Pro Tools HDX connectivity, 12 Class A mic pres, and more - making the Orion Studio HD a powerful and flexible system for any studio or mobile rig (home to profession).

List Price: $3,495.00
Our Price: $3,495.00
Sale Price: $2,995.00
Antelope PURE2 Antelope Pure2 Mastering AD/DA Converter

The Antelope PURE2 Mastering AD/DA Converter is a mastering-grade 24/192 kHz AD/DA 2-channel converter and master clock that includes a relay-controlled volume attenuator.

List Price: $2,295.00
Our Price: $2,295.00
Antelope Orion 32 & 10M Bundle Antelope Orion 32 & 10M Bundle

Antelope Orion 32 & 10M Bundle, includes a Orion 32 AD/DA Converter and a Isochrone 10M Master Clock.

List Price: $7,995.00
Our Price: $7,995.00